Steg ett: texta, dra rutramar och tejpa fast papper på ritbordet.

Steg två: börja rita havsgrejer som finns vid ett korallrev.




Work in progress

Have I told you lately that I love you? I’m not sure… I forget sometimes.

Okay, so here’s some in-the-process-stuff from the story I’m working on right now. It’s moving along slowly, alot of stuff coming in between, life and all that crap u know…

Aaanywhoo… none of these pages are finished, but I guess you get an idea of where I’m going with them at least?! … !

Below are sketches/scripts for the two following pages of the story.

My process when drawing a comic looks diffrent depending on what I’m doing it for.

If I’m just drawing something for myself, just for fun or to post on the blogg or what ever, I usually don’t make any mini-sketch/script at all. I just go from blank paper to finished comic in one sitting.

Working for a publisher is diffrent. I sketch, sketch again, ink, scan, print a copy, color the copy and scan it again…  

’nuff said! I’ve got some packing to do, moving back to Stockholm and all…

so laterz mes amis,

and don’t forget: je vous aime!

Color test – no 1, markers

This is me when I was 15. Or 14… Asch, it doesn’t really matter exactly how old I was… I was younger than I am now.

And I was in love with B.

Madly in love. Like a constant pressure on my chest. A constant pain through my teenage years.

I would have done anything for him. Anything. I’d have cut off one of my arms if he needed it for something, removed my uterus with a scissor if that would have been to his pleasure,

I’d even have killed another human being for him…


Lucky he never asked me… might have regretted that whole “cut-off-my-arm”-thing in retrospect…

Anywayzzz, as you can easily deduce, this is one page of a *longer story. And it will eventually end up in Kolik förlags Novellett-utgivning.

*That 26-pager I told ya’ll about the other day… Yes, apparently it was good shit.

Two pages done, two more to go.

Him: This is what’s so bull (bullshit).

Him: At first it’s really nice. Then afterwards it all just feels so… empty.

Him: I should keep myself on an even level. It can’t get too nice, you know.

Him: My mom would be so upset if I killed myself.


Me: There are more people who’d get upset if you did

Me: It’s so unfair… I mean, I feel awesome now. All warm and happy.

Him: Mmm…

Him: I’m like a flower.

Him: You have to be carefull with me.

Him: Maybe like a geranium.

Me: Hah, naaah. Geraniums can take anything. You can have them out on the balcony for like all year ’round. 

Page four is’nt even sketched yet, so you’ll have to wait for it… Men den som väntar på nått gott!  


avec coleur

This is what I got done tonight. Still have the books left to finish, but I should really be heading home from my studio now… Gotta think about the kids, ya know.  

By the way: this will be my very last comic with this J-guy. Feels kind of sad… but also healthy. It was a very destructive relationship. He totally fucked with my head (and I with his. I was manipulative. Every comic I made was a way of trying to drive him into my arms. Pathetic. But the shit I made turned out great, so thanx J! You made me even more awesome than I was before!). 

He was the best thing that could happen to me comic-wise. He made me want to be a better artist.