Two pages done, two more to go.

Him: This is what’s so bull (bullshit).

Him: At first it’s really nice. Then afterwards it all just feels so… empty.

Him: I should keep myself on an even level. It can’t get too nice, you know.

Him: My mom would be so upset if I killed myself.


Me: There are more people who’d get upset if you did

Me: It’s so unfair… I mean, I feel awesome now. All warm and happy.

Him: Mmm…

Him: I’m like a flower.

Him: You have to be carefull with me.

Him: Maybe like a geranium.

Me: Hah, naaah. Geraniums can take anything. You can have them out on the balcony for like all year ’round. 

Page four is’nt even sketched yet, so you’ll have to wait for it… Men den som väntar på nått gott!  




Yesterday I devoured my mentor Fabian Göransons adaptation of Strindbergs Inferno. I was intrigued and fascinated by herr Strindberg in a totally new way.

Coming from a background in drama/theater I only knew Strindberg through his plays (Fröken Julie, Fadren, Ett Drömspel…). He is a magnificent play-write and I loved working with his texts back in the day, but I had no real perception of him as a person. To me he was simply the words of his plays.

Now, reading Inferno, I find a connection not only to occultism, but to Emanuel Swedenborg of all people!

I was practically brought up in the Swedenborg church (the lords new church, a reformed christian church based on the writings of  Swedenborg). My grandfather, Olle Hjern, is a preacher of the church (and writer of Swedenborg-literature) and throughout my childhood we had our family gatherings at the Sunday service in his church.

I totally had no idea that occultism and Strindberg were linked to Swedenborg! I kind of just stored the whole Swedenborg-thing away as boring grown-ups-stuff. Monotonous preachings and excerpts from the bible (“… så som det står skrivet. i Lukas evangelium.”) while me and my cousins snuck away to play hide-n-seek in the back rooms of the church.

Shame on me! Time to go search through my spiritual heritage.

Swedenborg and Strindberg, here I come!

(and did you know that Strindberg was married to Frida Uhl?! Thats almost Frida Ulvegren! It’s a sign, it has to be a sign!)

avec coleur

This is what I got done tonight. Still have the books left to finish, but I should really be heading home from my studio now… Gotta think about the kids, ya know.  

By the way: this will be my very last comic with this J-guy. Feels kind of sad… but also healthy. It was a very destructive relationship. He totally fucked with my head (and I with his. I was manipulative. Every comic I made was a way of trying to drive him into my arms. Pathetic. But the shit I made turned out great, so thanx J! You made me even more awesome than I was before!). 

He was the best thing that could happen to me comic-wise. He made me want to be a better artist.

True devotion! You really impress me mr E.

THIS is a devoted fan:

I expect nothing less from You, dear reader of the blog

This particular fan-tatt was made with a pen (Bic Model: Nordea as mr E wrote in the e-mail), but you are free to go all the way and actually needle it in if you wish.

You can try out diffrent variables of this theme of course… Perhaps ink a wolf sitting on a branch (Ulv-e-gren, ya know…) or something creative like that.

What I’m getting at is that I want more. Send me your fan-tatt-pics and I will sing your praises for an eternity! An eternity! Can you wrap your heads around that??? A-N  E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y O-F P-R-A-I-S-E!!!


Allahu Akbar!

Peace ooouuut my sweetz!