Yo yo yo brothas n sistaaahs!

Life is good! The Friedster is listening to Petter, crying and laughing, trying to write a report for school (failing big time since it’s sooo frikkin boooriiing… Ghawd! I suck at boring stuff. I just wanna have fun! Is that too much to aaask for, huh?!).

Anywayzzz… Petter, he’s a really good writer of lyrics. You’ll see… Spotify him, and you’ll see.

I’m almost finished with the third of my Imperiet pictures!

Just got some background to color and then the scanning and e-mailing of them to the bozz… Then it’s pay time! Yeeeyyy!

I’m thinking of using some of the money I get from this job to get that tattoo I drew (a couple of blog posts back) on my back/side/rib.

It’s an important piece and I don’t want just anybody needling it in though… Sooo, do you guys (my dear readers!) have any suggestions of a good tattoo artist who can handle the kind of feminine, tribal-thingie with some sort of flower, that I kind of aaalmost drew on myself in that earlier post..?

I was really satisfied with the guy who did the tattoo I have on my arm, but he’s in Malmö and I’m in Stockholm… so he’s kind of out of the question. Plus he was flirting shamelessly with me and practically begging me for a date (even though I went out with his brother!) which I of course enjoyed (yeeeesss, of course I enjoy being flirted with… Who doesn’t?!), but am not really up for right now. So I’m thinking… a lady! If  you know of any kick ass female tattoo artists (preferably residing in Stockholma…), please let me know!





I’m coming home. To your loving heart.

Now I am coming home to you.

For I am nothing without you.

Maybe… you’ve found somebody new… *ledsen*

but I’m still coming home to you!

Please let me stay.

I want you. I need you.

I am coming home to you

for I am n-o-t-h-i-n-g without  you.

Ses i Malmö på Altcomfestivalen

… eller i armarna på de vänner jag saknat.

P.S. Bella: Du fattar väl att jag saknar DIG mest i hela världen fucking alltid! DU är det finaste vi har på denna jord. Tack för “potatismoset” If you know what I mean… *blink blink* D.S.

AWESOME runs in the family.

This is a Halloween poem my kid sister wrote and illustrated. She’s 13.

How old are you? and why aren’t you even half as awesome as her?

I’m just sayin’ you should ask yourself these questions.

Matilda, you make your sister Friedchen very proud. One day you’ll be even more awesome than ME… Can you even imagine??? MORE AWESOME THAN ME?!!??! IT CAN’T BE DONE! OR CAN IT???!!!

Puss på’re finsyster. ❤


Yet again Rocky Magasin has decided to have a Frida-themed issue.

This time it’s “Fridas mentors”-theme…

It starts off with an interview with Niklas Asker, in which he forgets to mention that I was his protegé, or maybe he was like “Yeah, but since the theme of this issue was ‘Fridas mentors’, of course people will already know I was one of her mentors…”. Of course YES Niklas! ANYwhoo… read the interview and you’ll understand why I wanted him as a mentor. He is so cool. Too cool for school. Too cool for Sweden!

Then you can flip a few pages over and you’ll find an interview with Julie fuckin’ Doucet, the most awesomest of awesome people in the world.

I have to tell you… I am simply obsessed with her. I’ve read her Dirty Plottes so many times over they’ve become more real to me than the IRL-world… GHAWD she is amazing!

And I hereby quote straight from the mag… here:

“I Sverige har det dykt upp många tjejer som gör alternativserier men de framstår precis som du som de har en fot i konstvärlden. Flera av dom nämner dig som en influens.

Julie: Jag är mentor åt en svensk tjej, Frida Ulvegren, som går på serieskola i Sverige. Hon skickar mig sina serier och vi skriver till varandra. Det är trevligt. Än så länge har hon bara publicerat fansin men det kommer nog att gå bra för henne.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Swedish language, I can give you a quick translation:

“There are many amazing comic artists in Sweden. If you could marry a Swedish comic artist, who would it be and why?

Julie: I am mentoring a swedish girl, Frida Ulvegren, who is the most talented and wonderful person I’ve ever been in contact with. It started of as a business relationship, but it was inevitable that we’d fall for each other. Our love can move mountains and it will!”

Thanx goes out to Tommy for sending me a copy of Rocky Magasin nr 7/2010. It is available in stores now! Buy a copy for your wife and she’ll make you a happy girl for the rest of the month. 😉

Tack Tommy! ❤ ❤ ❤

My Way. Frida – nu även som sångstjärna!

Nu är det bara att rösta på vilken av Fridorna ni tycker sjunger bäst!

Som expertjury har jag självfallet redan valt ut min egen favorit… Men en sak som var tråkigt var att juryns favorit tyvär blev avbruten innan hon hunnit sjunga färdigt för att kameraminnet tog slut. Det tycker vi i expertjuryn var tråkigt. Nu: NJUT! Se så, gör’t bara!



Life happens all the time

Just for fun: some pics of my home made Yoga-session! En foto-serie! 😀

FridaYoga, step one: Choose a foot and grab hold of it.

Step two: gracefully move your foot/leg to the loving-swan-position.

Step three: When in loving-swan-position straighten leg up and make a perfect flowing motion towards the front of your body.

Step four: Ah, yes, now you breathe in slowly and hold your position.

Step five: focus on the new flow of energy pulsing through your body and breathe out as you gently let your leg slide back into a neutral position.

Great work Frida! Inner harmony: a-c-h-i-e-v-e-d!

NOW, back to BLOG:

The other day I was chillin at a coffee place waiting for my sis to get off from work. I was sippin’ on a cup o’ green tea n inking some pages for the story I’m working on.

By total chance, coincidence, or fate a class mate from teaching school  showed up and we had a nice time chatting away. I told her about my work and showed her some pages ’till she had to be on her way. Then I went pee pee and asked the guy who was sitting at the table next to mine to keep an eye on my stuff while I was away. When I returned I noticed he had snuck a peak on my comic and smiled knowingly to him. He began asking about it. What it was and if I had really drawn everything by hand. I took the opportunity to brag shamelessly about myself and my awesomeness and somehow slipped over to the subject of me taking over the world and becoming immortal.

Then I gave him a couple of questions too so that he wouldn’t feel left out of the conversation that I so brilliantly was conducting with my self.

This way I found out he was an economic-finance-something (which fascinated me endlessly. (NO IRONY, I’m really fascinated with aspects of life that I have no previous notion of.)), that he moved here from France a few years back to be with his (then) girlfriend (who was a Swedish girl) and that she broke up with him after a 10 year relationship ’cause he wanted to wait a little longer to have kids (“I think you have to be mature, you know, we were not ready…”). She was 21 years old when they met he told me.

I was like… well dude, she was 31 yrs and you’d been together for 10… You should totally have given her a baby. Dumb ass.

I laughed loudly at my frankness and waived my arms around like a crazy person. HahahaHah! I then moved on to depict the ultimate living situation for me, my dream life for the future. I told him what I needed from my future partner is a supportive husband who could take care of our relationship, our children (when they’re being difficult that is. I still wanna cuddle with ’em when they’re all sweet and cute-like) and of course care for our home, so that I could focus on my ultimate goal of becoming immortal through my grandiosity.

He looked frightened and skeptical and asked me if I was serious. I looked him right dead in the eye and nodded. “This is what I am expecting of my partner, yes.”

He answered this by showing me a couple of interesting art shows in the Sthlm area on his computer,

and guess what?! Tomorrow we’re meeting up to go see an exhibition together! Tres intressant! Je voudrais practise mon french, tu sais. Et il est around 35 ans, je pense. Tres bon! au revoir mes amis! ❤

Hey brothas n sistahs!

I’ve been a bad bad girl lately. I know. I shouldn’t keep you sweet honeys waiting like this. What’s it been..? Like a YEAR since my last update!

Sorry guys.

But let’s let the past be the past and simply enjoy mah fäääbulös bloggaliciousness! 😀

Okay, so what’s new? Apparently my “ex” (there has really only ever been one ex in my life, and that’s B (the wonderful man I was engaged to, ❤ u’re always in my heart.), but for the simplicity of this text I’ll call E “my ex” too), so, apparently my ex chugged a bunch of my original drawings/comics in the trash. I just received these fascinating news via a text message from him yesterday.

They were diary-comics that I hadn’t scanned or copied, which means that they are now lost for ever.

At first I was like “Wha… whaaa… n-n-nooo…h-he’s j-joking, right? It’s a joke? Or he’s trying to provoke me..? get me to react so he can feel empowered somehow..? yeah… that’s gotta be it…”

But now I’ve come to terms with the way life is. Sometimes you do stupid things like throw yourself at someone who doesn’t want you, and sometimes you give stuff to people who don’t appreciate them. Simple as that. Live and learn and learn to forgive and accept and move on.

Further more I choose to see this as a lesson in the inevitable transience of all that is, has been or ever shall be.

One day I too will be dead, and all that will remain of me is the never dying legend of my eternal wisdom and glory… hähä…

ahhh, yeees, for centuries to come people will chant my name and praise Frida Ulvegrenthe all mighty goddess, who came to this earth in the shape of just your regular awesome sauce-lady to let her heavenly light shine upon you, her fellow beings. Yes. Quite.

(haha, this just made me lol, I can totally relate to David!)

ooookay, oookay, calm down little miss big head… ’nuff’ said ’bout my personal life now. Let’s move on to more work related stuff!

These are my ongoing projects:

1) the story I’m drawing for Kolik förlag. It’s very beautiful. You will enjoy it. I’m gonna go to Södermalm today to take some reference photos for the last three pages of it.

2) Restaurant Imperiet wants comic art signed Frida Ulvegren to hang on their walls as a permanent exhibiton, so I’m gonna get some reference photos for that ASAP too.

3) Got some reports and essays for teacher school to write… I haven’t really done my best school-wise lately… kind of been procrastinating. ehehe… you know how it is, right?

Anywhoo, I’m thinking of posting a vid’ here soon enough. An open letter to E perhaps! heh.



I should stop thinking about him now. Let the past be the past.

Truly, I am eagerly awaiting new adventures. Life is so long, ya know. This world is just filled with all these fantastic human beings that I haven’t even met yet. Can you imagine that? A world full of people to get to know and fall in love with. How wonderful! HahahhahhahaHAh, I am so happy! Everything is so nice and gay! Flowers and sunshine and little babies and brown paper packages tied up with strings, Yesyesyes!


Ha. haha.


(ehh… affirmation FAIL. hehe)