The page I’m slooowly inking right now. slooowly…

Hey guys! I can draw the insides of an airplane! haHA! Yes! Score!

This page is still “under construction” and I scanned it in colour so you can see some “behind the scenes” of how I first sketch with my blue pen and then ink it methodically.

Fixing up that needs to be done: Ninas eye in the first panel. It’s all messed up… But I’ll leave it like that for now and finish the rest of the page before I start fidgeting with the touch ups.

Flygplan 1

So, the text in english goes a little something like this:

Sitting on the plane to Milan. It’s almost empty. I feel happy and free and thankfull. I’m “missing out” on the court date and wont have to testify in the custody hearing.

I love flying.

Especially like this, at night. It’s so beautifull when you can see all the lights from the citys far below.

-Some coffee miss?

-Yes please!

I’m having coffee alone on the plane to Milan.


Book fair

Best of the book fair:

1) Johan Wanloo being so tall IRL. And very easy to chat with. An alltogether funny and susceptible person. ^_^ 

2) Loka Kanarp inviting me to dinner. She’s beautiful. I’ll never ever let you go now Lokan…nevereverever mein liebling Loka. (smider onda planer på att bli av med Edenborgaren) Yeeessss… sheee’s mine now… All miiiine… hsss hsss hsss (=läskigt väsande andetag)

3) Lisa Medin not being as scary as I imagined her to be! But actually friendly! And cool! And wanted to be my friend! at least she said so… maybe that’s just someting you say at a book fair like that… ah, she still scares me a bit. :S

4) Karl Johnsson spontaniously giving me a hug when he understood that I was the peppy comment-girl from his blog. ^_^ A true brother in art and heart! I love Nördbloggen. (see link in blog roll too!)

5) Fabian. And My. For making me family.

6) Meeting the two legendary exiled comiceurs, Jonna Björnstierna and Jan Bielecki. Both of whom were friendly and easygoing.

7) Thomas Olsson giving me his book Rogert. I actually gave the Rogert-book to one of my bestest friends for christmas a year or two ago. Cause I read it and I loved it and I wanted her to read it too. Cause she’d understand. 

But I never bought one for myself to keep.

And now, he just spontaniously came up and gave it to me! (sigh) He never signed it though… Will have to seek him out when I’m in Stockholm sometime and have him honour it with his grace. As Mikael has to do with my copy of Till Alla jag legat med.

Crappiest of the book fair:

1) One day with ass crap tobaco, made me remember why I don’t smoke ass crap tobaco!

2) That I managed to leave the fair with 5 books unsigned (Linas Zelda! Åsas Sayonara Spetember! Whaat?! But I guess it’s one of those Freudian forgetfullness/procrastination-thingies where I wanted a reason to see them both again so badly that I just couldn’t get myself to place my freshly bought copies of their individual books in their hands)


it’s all good!

Tomorrow I’ll upload some photos of my progress with the sketches for the book. I am free from troubles and uncertainties now. I can see clearly now and I feel happy again. 

Manic depressive? Me? ahm… a tad bit perhaps… hehe… but the depressive part of it passes surprisingly quick nowadays! 🙂

So right now I simply feel blessed (not bitter or weak at all!^^) to have all my time and energy to spend on  my own project. Relationships can wait a year or so. No strings. Just me and my work.

Shit and crap and dirt. I’m totally misusing this blog. F it.

I don’t feel very strong right now.

A strange feeling has come over me. 

I feel like… shit and crap and dirt.


I’ll be cheerfull soon again. Maybe tomorrow. But for tonight I’m just… broken down.
Pathetic and sad.  
I just want someone to fix me. Right now. Please someone, just come over here right now and put your arms around me. Make me feel whole again. take away this hurt inside. I need hands, strong firm hands on my body. Arms to surround me. Hold me tight. Tighter.
 But as the great ones say: This too shall pass.


Nobody can cry forever.
And I’m not even crying. Just slowly rocking back and forth over the keyboard. Feeling like shit and crap and dirt. Listening to Coldplay. Watching Chris’ face. Such sadness there and honesty. Every word true.
This makes me feel better though. Words of wisdom. I love Dwight.

Venice of the north!

I am back in my hometown now. Stockholm, the Venice of the north! (well, we try anyway)

I’ll be staying here until the Göteborg Book Fair 24:th-27:th of September, where I‘ll be found on either one of these four places:

1) The Kolik förlag booth

2) the stage at Seriefrämjandets booth

3) The best and awesomest releasepartys (Galago, Kartago and more).

4) My aunties house. She’s gonna put me up with a bed for the book fair days.

I love having family and friends in other citys! Anna-Karin and Dan (her husband) are such cheerfull people too, so it’ll be the best way of spending 3 GBG nights: guaranteed! ^_^

Today I’m gonna take my sketchpad to a nice coffee place at Södermalm and work through the sketches I made last week. Later this evening I’ll be going to the new Killing-gänget play at Dramaten with my wonderful and inspiring friend Isabella. She sent me a text “wanna go”. I threw my self on the computer and booked train tickets in a flash. So now I’ll be working from home for the rest of the week. Feels really good to get to sit at cafés and draw again, even if I will miss my beloved studio a little.

Ärlighet varar längst

Life is about learning how to dance in the rain. It may be stormy and cloudy. We may be in or out of the money. Come rain or come shine.

When you’re standing alone on a dewy meadow, a soft rain trickles on your face. The smell of wet grass and summer nights fill up your entire being. That’s when I hope you dance. I hope you let your toes just barely touch the green underneath you as you sway in the dark under millions of stars.

Only you and nature.

In the eternal



dance. *deep sigh*

I’ve been to Copenhagen, the Preacher-illustrator-guy had his Preacher-originals at home (or was that just his way of trying to get me to come to his place..? haha, Am I being too cynical?) so I said he has to get them for the next time we come for a visit.

We ended up in Kristiania after lunch. Spent a long night with the best of comrades. ^_^

I love you guys!


Tomorrow I’ll probably write something about my progress with the book. Yeah. probably… I LOVE you! haha, I’m wasted… Oh yeah, and Lisa from year one at CAS is moving in with me! She’s awesome. 😀

Oh! That’s right, did I mention I LOVE YOU?! heh. À demain mes amis… à demain.