Color test – no 1, markers

This is me when I was 15. Or 14… Asch, it doesn’t really matter exactly how old I was… I was younger than I am now.

And I was in love with B.

Madly in love. Like a constant pressure on my chest. A constant pain through my teenage years.

I would have done anything for him. Anything. I’d have cut off one of my arms if he needed it for something, removed my uterus with a scissor if that would have been to his pleasure,

I’d even have killed another human being for him…


Lucky he never asked me… might have regretted that whole “cut-off-my-arm”-thing in retrospect…

Anywayzzz, as you can easily deduce, this is one page of a *longer story. And it will eventually end up in Kolik förlags Novellett-utgivning.

*That 26-pager I told ya’ll about the other day… Yes, apparently it was good shit.


Him: It feels so right with you. You’re the best in every way. I just want you and nobody else.

Me: mmm… (There’s something fishy about this… He hasn’t asked me to change a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. Hasn’t even complained about my unshaven legs.)

panel 2

me: why does he say that? Is he a con-man? hm? But I don’t have any money to swindle… nah… Compulsive liar maybe… Or an axmurderer! but… why hasn’t he murdered me yet then? Waiting for the right moon fase maybe. Yeah… that’s it. the right moon fase to hack up his victim.

Him: You haven’t said anything. What are you thinking?

Me: NOTHING! Just listening to you!

Panel 2

Me: (fuck. I said that way too loud… like screamed it. Is he reading my thoughts now? Fuck. Of course he can’t read my thoughts… or maybe?!)

home is in your arms

Until saturday I will be chillin in Stockholma, the city of justice, the city of peace, the city of lööööve. I don’t think I’ll be able to update bloggio too much since I’m here to enjoy the sweetness of this lovely summer life… mmm… sweet sweet summer days… (I spent all day today out on my sisters balcony drawing just for fun and drinking coffe in the sun) 

So, don’t cry over me Argentina, the truth is I never left you.

And I will be back.