även dagar som bara passerar kan vara värdefulla.

Today is the day when I cough and cough and cough

and don’t answer sms:s.

Tomorrow is the day when I will be performing the traditional new years eve-ritual that my mother usually leads. This year I’m spending new years in Malmö, away from my family, so I will be the one hosting the witch-craft event in my mothers place. I will be the only one in our circle who has done this before, so it’s extra important that I keep the mumbo-jumbo very informative and clear. The part when we pass around a cup of holy wine that everyone takes a sip from… well, I will have to go last in the circle on that part, so I don’t share my cough with the whole party. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!

… f-ing cough. Gonna keep me up all night.


Sthlm-Mmö 15.38-21.47

I’ve cut my hair. Sketched a six-page comic about my dirty mind. Packed everything but the computer. Right now this song is in my head and in my heart I have this freedom-feeling… like I could go anywhere in the world right now. I could do anything. There is nothing tying me down.

What you should do.

You should really read the latest Bild & Bubbla and let yourself be enticed by the fabulous review of my fanzine Min Stockholmsdagbok. It’s a short review, but it’s quite honest and gives you a good image of who I am. ^_^

Then when you’ve read it you should e-mail me and order your very own copy of the most magnificent short-comic ever created. I’ll get a nr 2 of Min Stockholmsdagbok ready soon enough too,

so now’s the time for you collectors out there to get with it while it’s fresh and undiscovered!

It’s like, you’re gonna be all “Yeah, Frida Ulvegren, sure, I‘ve got her first fanzine! Before she was even published.” And the others are gonna be all “Naaw! For realz?! That’s awesome, you gotta show me!” and then you’re gonna be all “Yeah, but you gotta be really really carefull with it, ’cause it’s a collectors item ya know…”

The review gave me new ideas for a book, or more of a collection of short comics like the ones in it. I have so many ideas and no self preservation or shame in me what so ever. Oh my oh my… This could be the beginning of a beautiful artistery. Today it’s good to be me. (gloating)


Stockholm is so great! I’d forgotten how many handsome men there were here. I really lowered my expectations when I acclimatised to Malmö’s population. Back here in my hometown everybody looks like Aragorn. It’s insane!

Tonight I’m going to see Avatar. A V A T A A A A R! In 3D! 😀

(As soon as I get to a scanner or something I’ll post some drawings.)

Love//the Friedster (miss Awesome)

la vache-fille

I’ve been drawing cowgirls lately. Lonesome cowgirls a long way from home.

When I was a kid, (I wasn’t in school yet so I must have been like 3-6 years old) I had this neighbor called Nisse.

He was one year older than me and lived upstairs from us in our apartment building in Stockholm.

I used to go up to their apartment to play quite often.

I wasn’t in love with him or anything like that… I knew very well what love was (even though I was of a considerably young age at the time) and that was not how I felt for him. No, what drew me to his home was two things mainly.

One being his dad.

And the other being a cabinet under his tv, with a sliding door to it, filled with… Lucky Luke-films!

He had so many and I never got tired of watching them.

My sister teased me for hanging out with Nisse so much, saying I was in love with him. But it was never like that.

It was allways Lucky who held my heart in his hand.

That poor lonesome man, riding off into the sunset… oh, that beautiful outro, with that lonesome cowboy-theme song! It really crept under my skin and stayed with me for all these years.

I can see that sunset before my eyes now and imagine myself riding towards it. All alone. The warmth of the desert sun.  The calm of the mountains. Just riding off slowly to where ever my horse takes me.

Don’t know if I’ll be able to scan my drawings anytime soon since I’ll be returning to my hometown to see family and friends.

Yeah, you know how it is. Life ‘n all that… My mom (6:48 in the vid) is the best by the way. I can’t wait to spend christmas with her and my sisters! Mommy! Sisters! YEY!