What you should do.

You should really read the latest Bild & Bubbla and let yourself be enticed by the fabulous review of my fanzine Min Stockholmsdagbok. It’s a short review, but it’s quite honest and gives you a good image of who I am. ^_^

Then when you’ve read it you should e-mail me and order your very own copy of the most magnificent short-comic ever created. I’ll get a nr 2 of Min Stockholmsdagbok ready soon enough too,

so now’s the time for you collectors out there to get with it while it’s fresh and undiscovered!

It’s like, you’re gonna be all “Yeah, Frida Ulvegren, sure, I‘ve got her first fanzine! Before she was even published.” And the others are gonna be all “Naaw! For realz?! That’s awesome, you gotta show me!” and then you’re gonna be all “Yeah, but you gotta be really really carefull with it, ’cause it’s a collectors item ya know…”

The review gave me new ideas for a book, or more of a collection of short comics like the ones in it. I have so many ideas and no self preservation or shame in me what so ever. Oh my oh my… This could be the beginning of a beautiful artistery. Today it’s good to be me. (gloating)


2 thoughts on “What you should do.

    • du det är sannerligen mystiskt… och åtgärdas förstås omgående kärstan min! Jag fixar specialspecialonlyforyou med personlig dedikation när du är åter i vår nya hemstad. ❤ Pöss på re sweetness!

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