New York-trip part 6


Me and Johan went to the Museum of Natural History in New York. We split up in there ’cause we both wanted to explore on our own and desided to meet up outside afterwards. 

I offcourse got carried away with my camera when I found the dinosaur-rooms… aaand, yes, I used up almost all of my battery on videos of dino’s… and then I could’nt charge it ’cause my Europe/US-converter didn’t work with my charger… but I still like these little films though!

Sooo here they are! Enjoy!

translation of my excellent and interesting commentary:

“This is a Lestodon.

damtam damtam damtam wwoooaaahhhh!

Look at how big it is. Sooo big!”

“This is a cosy little old man… Yeah.

It is called… ahmahh…

Oh there it is, Glyptothterium.

something like that…


“This, this is like  a really big anteater.

As you can see on this picture.

Look. Just like an anteater. But bigger.


“I dont know if you guys remember, but in that film “Night at the Museum”, these ahhhm… come alive.

They’re biiig. Awsome-cool. Here’s another one.

But they’re kinda nice in the film the way I remember it…

Oh. Impressive.

Hugha! That one. Check it out.

Pretty awesome!”

“This is a small dinosaur. You can see compared to me…

Ahm, I’m a little bit bigger, so this one I could probably take…

If I met it I would probably survive I mean…

well I don’t even know if it’s a carnivore, maybe it says down here…
Plant eater! Hah! He’s a vegetarian just like me!”

Okay, so you get the drift of what I’m saying in these… I’ll translate some more if I say something other than “awesome” or “cool” in the rest of ’em…

“Yep, so, I don’t have much battery left now on my camera. But I’m filming like the last stuff now.

I just met a guy called Ernesto and he’s like this real New Yorker.

And, yeah, he told me a little about New York and I told him a little about me. It was fun. That’s just what happens when you’re at a museum.

Yeah, sorry about that beeping sound, some alarm broke out offcourse.

And these are som animals that died. This is what it looks like when its lying down, being dead.

But this is just a model of it though. Yeah, cool.

And this is called… Aha! co-el-o-phy-sis.

Coelophysis I guess. Nice. Yeah.

Okay, so this is the last filming from the Museum of Natural History that I’ll be able to shoot, but I got the dinosaur-rooms at least. It felt important to get the dinosaur-rooms.

 Outside that window we can see this beautiful house… Well no, you can’t really see it ’cause it’s too bright outside, but there is some really great architecture outside.

Ahhhmahh okay then.

Ciao Ciao!”

This was not the last video from the museum though. No I actually had a liiittle bit of battery left and made two more vid’s! ^_^ But I’m saving them for the next post ’cause my sister is getting bored with me sitting in front of the computer blogging and blogging ’till no end… “Will it ever end?” she asks me. “Never sister” I say. “Never ever.”



It was a slow summers day in Central Park. We read newly bought comic books.

Johan drew his little stories as allways. A young girl (10 years old maybe) tried too peek over his shoulder when he drew. He never noticed her and when she saw that I was watching her, she got embarrassed and snuck off.


Frida filmar! Iceland Keflavik!

Yeah, sorry about the commentary being in Swedish… Next trip I’ll definately do them in english!

Here’s a quick translation of what I’m saying in the first vid:

“Yep. This is Johan and me, we’re out on a little walk. We are in Keflavik. We thought we were gonna be in New York right now, but instead we got a complimentary hotelnight in Keflavik on Iceland.

It’s beautiful and grey. And very… barren. We just had dinner. It was a lovely buffé with a really tasty fish gratin. Johan had something with meat. And there was a pasta-salad too.

There’s not really that much going on in Keflavik. Kind of dead-ish. But it’s cool anyhow! Yeah. As you can see. Cool.”

And here’s a quick translate of the second vid:

“Now we’ve found the sea. And… ahm. There it is. Now I’m gonna run across the road, here. po po po po po…

Yes, so here it is! The big grey.

That’s a beautiful…ahm…not a statue… ah what’s it called? that other thing… yeah you know. This is the sea. Stones and Rocks. Johan. Et moi! mhmm! Now I have to shut the camera of ’cause I’m gonna go down and climb on those big rocks too. Oh, check out the bird down there… No, you can’t see it… ah, whatever. 

This is so awesome! This is’nt New York! This is the absolute opposite of New York! AWESOME!”

Now that I’ve given you translations of the first 2 videos you probably have enough Swedish words to decode these following vid’s. Test yourself! If it’s too difficult, just write me a comment and I’ll give you a helping hand... 🙂

 Soon, soon, my little goslings, I will post part 6 of my New York-trip…

I just had to try out my new “video-upgrade” first…  ^_^

Love love love//Friduchitita ❤

New York-trip part 5


In New York people are, in general, funny.

And (!) they, in general, own Sharpies.

So when loitering about in the NYC-subway one can find amusing little works of funnyness like these to entertain you in waiting for the next train.

Oh EFF. You can’t read the sharpie-text, right? blarch.. I h-a-v-e to figure this “click and make it larger”-function out. Gah! Anyway, bygones.


Ah, a typical train-ride in the NYC metro! See the cheerful mexicans with their picturesque little banjo’s? Okay, no, maybe they’re not banjo’s. And okay, no, maybe they’re not Mexicans, but I just had to sneak my camera out anyway.

Well, as you can see in this picture the normal New Yorker-reaction to these happy fellas should have been to discreetly look away… I’m getting there, just have to stop getting so excited over everything. 😉


Like Times square! Oh, what an energy-sucking place! We sat down on the chairs in the middle of the street. With all the noise and the trafic around us. And all the neonlights and commercial-screens above us. We were s-l-o-w-l-y d-r-a-i-n-e-d by the cacophony of it all… just sat there… me and Johan… for hours. At least Johan had the strenght to draw while sitting there.

I just felt sooo heavy… And numb… And willingless. 



Yes, this picture is from before we sat down. When I still had some spark of life in me! We were on our way somewhere, to do something.

We were just gonna sit for a few minutes. Have a smoke and be on our way… 

A very strange enchanted place, that square is…


ooops…sorry, I just can’t figure out how to get this flipped in the correct position right now. Sorry! 😛


The Central Park-squirrel who really wanted to be a model.



Oh god, he’s such a poser!


God, stop it! Look at ‘im! His head a bit to the side like that, trying to look cute…Who are you, squirrel?! Yuck!


Jesus, why do I have like 10 pics of this little fella in my cam..? 😛


That’s enough now, Frida. No more squirrel-pictures, m’key?!

The CP-park is really beautiful. We found a big open lawn where we sat for a couple of hours. Drawing, reading, writing… You know, the kind of stuff us artists do. ^_^



It was very still. Quiet and peaceful. New York truly is the city of contrasts.


My squinting-look… Hey! It actally looks like I have a muscle there on my arm, doesn’t it? 😀

nah, it’s just my shoulder in a wierd angle… :/


We were going to an outdoor concert in Prospect Park that evening, so we left CP and went for a stroll around Manhattan with an eye out for a nice place to eat. Not before long an old man approached us.

He wished to help us. He gave us a suggestion of a really good Italian restaurant on Amsterdam ave. Not pricy at all, lovely service and excellent food! ^_^

I love the people of New York! They’re like sweet angels of freindlyness every one of ’em!


I wrote down a short conversation we had at this restaurant. I have it somewhere… It was something about a very small jacket hanging at the coat rack in the corner. I’ll find it, draw a comic out of it and upload it here… when I get some time off from work and socializing… sooo that would be approaximately… sometime this fall/winter?

Okay, that’s all for now, in part 6 we’ll be visiting the Museum of Natural History.

I got a bit over-excited and used up all of my camera-battery making little films of all the cool dinosaur-skeletons… Silly girl! ^_^

Oh, and in part 6 you will see at least 1 pic of a really sweet guy who charmed my heart away… 😉

New York-trip part 4: leaving Iceland


After taking in some happyjuice at Keflavik airport Fridas flyingfright is gooone with the wind…

Soon enough Johan starts rambling about airplanes being the creators of humankind, since they obviously needed our feces to survive… huh? Well, it didn’t sound clever at the time… and it still doesn’t sound clever today… but Johan got his creativity fired up and drew a comic about it anyway! ^_^

This is the genius at work



I needed some referens-photos for My Stockholm Diary (working title only!) from the insides of a plane, ’cause the next scene I am drawing is when I am on the plane to Milan.

In this pic I had just been crying my eyes out too the film Australia, everything was sooo beautiful and touching! :’) (I think I was PMS:ing pretty bad…)

I remember thinking that I really want to meet a man who looks at me like that, with that caring, serious and loving look in his eyes.



HaHA! In NEW YORK CITY! Subway! Woohaaa!


Our hostelbooking was gone…we were sudenly homeless in NYC…but as you can see on the pic above, I’m feelin’ pretty damn fantastic anyway!  😀

And just as our broken-Iceland-plane-incident, this would turn out to be a blessing in disguise!


Johan met this amazing couple at the MoCCA-festival who offered us their sofa-bed until we found a new place to stay. They lived in Brooklyn and it was, ah! all I ever wanted! perfect! They were so friendly and helpful, gave us directions to the BEST BREAKFAST PLACE EVER in Brooklyn!


That’s a Latte, an Almond-croissant (is there anywhere in Sweden where you could get an almond-croissant? they were insanely delicious!), and Granola with fresh fruit. Sooo perfect! The fruits were so ripe and sweet! With vanilla-yoghurt and cinemon-granola underneath! I have to get back there some day. It was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. PERFECT! GAWD, can life really be this good? Well, I guess it can… I even got to meet a guy with that caring, serious and loving look in his eyes… “anything you want, you got it” was definitely the themesong of this adventurous trip.


Brooklyn street-art is the coolest.


This restaurant i B-lyn was f-ck-ass-expensive, but they had a smoking-area where you could sit and play with your bare feet in the cool summer-grass…so it was worth every penny. Penny? What’s a penny? I never saw any pennys in NY, did I..?


Do I look tired? Mellow? Well, I was in great company and had a really nice time, but there were a couple of guys that I really missed this evening… but that’s another story. For now it’s “see you soon”…


Coming up in part 5: tourist-day in the city of citys ❤

New York-trip part 3: Blue Lagoon


We travel through a dark lavarock-landscape. Then blue blue water! Steaming from the volcanic heat! In the middle of Mordor-land, a magical lagoon!


Okay, my camera doesn’t really do the colour of the water justice… it was really really brightblue! 😀


Yeah yeah, I know, we look wack on this pic. But we were sooo happy! (contents of plastic bag: two Hotel-towels for drying off after the swim…)


The chill of the Icelandic air and the black rocks surrounding the lagoon in contrast to the volcanohot smooth blue water… ah… well I can only say that this was a truly religious experience. I saw God that morning. 4 real my peeps, I saw the lord our saviour right then and there. ^_^


No no no! Don’t be getting no funny ideas folks! This is a special mineralrich mud that the blue lagoon produces and it’s supposed to be rejuvenating for your skin. All I can say is that I feel younger than ever right now, so something was working the way it was supposed to I guess. 🙂


The sun! It just shone through the grey skies all of a sudden and made the living gay!


Love love love! Thank you existence, god, allah, whatever! This was so much more than I could ever have asked for!


I insisted on a group-picture of the whole gang. Look at them, look at us, aren’t we the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?! AH! Me and Johan were joking around about us being the perfect persona-gallery-set-up for one of those mystery-storys, you know? Agatha Christie-style. ^_^ I offcourse would be the innocent happy young girl who would be found murdered the following day. hehe. Perfect mix of people! ❤


This is Iceland. Ain’t no place in the world like it. Our cab-driver-girl took us on a nice extra tour down to the harbour and the Viking-museum, free of charge. She just really wanted us to see it! The humanity (haha, but purely in a positive sense)! Halelulja! 😀


Good bye Iceland, thank you for everything. This is a place everybody should visit at least once in their life.

Finishing off part 3 with a pic of one of the beautiful roof-ornaments of Keflavik International Airport. Enjoy!


In part 4: Frida takes her happy-juice before the plane is boarding… Johan gets an amazing epiphany about the metabolism of airplanes…  -^

to be continued… 😉

New York-trip part 2: Stuck on Iceland


This is not New York.

Well, we survived the first planetrip, but got so delayed from Copenhagen that we missed our connecting flight. IcelandAir hooked us up with a nice bustrip to the Flughotel in Keflavik… DSC01264DSC01265

Johan stated that we had been on the same plane as Twisted sister. Our “missed the connecting flight”-gruop was amazing! What a great bunch! Ah, the Americans! They’re so funny and friendly and chill and nice! I fell in love with them all!

In Iceland the “Herr Gårman”-signs were blue and yellow, just like our flag! How apropriate on Swedens national-day 6/6!


Me and Johan took a walk through the streets of Keflavik city. I filmed the experience (with awesome Frida-commentary offcourse) but WordPress doesn’t seem to like my fileformat on those flicks… so I guess I’ll have to save them for later… They’re really nice though! Wish I could show ’em to you now! Blah, I’ll work on it… coming up laters, aaaight?


The breakfast at the Flughotel was superb!

But the coffee…


“Sis isn’t koffi, sis is braun vater!” (-Bagdad Cafe)


This really sweet honeymoon-couple from our “missed the connecting flight”-group had arranged a trip to the Blue Lagoon  for the hole lot of us.

God I love those guys! I filmed some more and took a bunch of pics from there

To be continued in part 3 though… gotta get some shut-eye now… ^_^

New York-trip part 1: Stuck in Kastrup, Copenhagen…


Our plane was broke, we had to get off it and sit and wait for repairs. 10 people were chosen to go on another plane to New York. We did not make it to those 10. I got claustrophobic. Hysterical. Thought that we would surely die in a horrible planecrash. Then I just snapped like a twig and started crying. Cried and cried and couldn’t stop until I had had 2 complimentary beers (Icelandair-service vouchers!). That’s when the laughing began. This sign was on the wall of our gate. Ironic…