även dagar som bara passerar kan vara värdefulla.

Today is the day when I cough and cough and cough

and don’t answer sms:s.

Tomorrow is the day when I will be performing the traditional new years eve-ritual that my mother usually leads. This year I’m spending new years in Malmö, away from my family, so I will be the one hosting the witch-craft event in my mothers place. I will be the only one in our circle who has done this before, so it’s extra important that I keep the mumbo-jumbo very informative and clear. The part when we pass around a cup of holy wine that everyone takes a sip from… well, I will have to go last in the circle on that part, so I don’t share my cough with the whole party. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!

… f-ing cough. Gonna keep me up all night.


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