Gammal dagboksserie

Den här serien ville jag inte lägga upp när jag ritade den, men nuuu bjuuu’r ja på’n. Vassegooo.

For your information: känslorna är ganska överspelade, även om jag fortfarande är förtjust i mannen i serien.


Sleepless night

Last night when I was alone at Comic Art School, suddenly just shut me out.

It was tough to handle for a while, I tried four different computers, all with the same frustrating result. I then went back in to my studio, ate some chocolate and drew this, which made everything better.

Translation: Kl 02.49. New tab. dirt/filth/porn.

This weekend I’m gonna avoid going outside. I need sunshine and flowers and rainbows right now, and if the outside world can’t provide me with that… well, then I’m burying my nose in a good book instead.


When your comic is being published in Rocky magazine (!!!) you can’t just go with the version you made half a year ago. It needs to be updated and polished. Of course.

The text is still the same, but I’ve redrawn a couple of the pics (correction: I redrew all of them…).

this is page 2, old version:

And this is the updated version:

I was totally lazy with the backgrounds on the previous version. This is better. And also, the look of the man is better now… ggrrrraowww!

Later dudes!

Last two pages of the Oral comic

Obviously the backgrounds aren’t finished yet… that’s because I’ve had other stuff to focus on today. I’ll upload a vid when I get home with an update on what’s kept my mind busy (oh joy!), 

but I figured I should give y’all a little treat right away anywayzzz,

so heeere are the last two pages of the Oral-comic:



That I realized he wont give me what I want.

Which is cock. In my mouth. Hard cock in my mouth.

And then… Cum.  Warm cum in rivulets over my tounge.

Oohhh… This oral need! Fuck!

ArGH! The cock! Want Fuck Fuck Shit! Cock!

Men… Why? Why is he teasing me?

(Yes, I do jump between pages when I ink. That’s why the last page look more finished than the second last page (second last page? whaaat? ‘s that correct? asch, what ever, you know what I mean.))

Nah nah… I know… He’s like me. A hopeless fuckin’ bastard.

But I’d still… (I need an equivalent expression for the swedish “inte banga” here.)

Come what may…

And if you’re thinking: “Hey, wasn’t she using her right hand on the earlier pages”, well then you are aaabsolutely correct. She’s ambidextrous.  (do take note of the blog post category “Left hand magic” if you will.)

And if you’re thinking: “Hey, Frida did a really crappy job scanning this”, well then you’re right too. I don’t have time to fix it now though. Sorry. Life is moving too fast. Angouleme! It’s in a week or something. I haven’t bought the train ticket yet. Haven’t done that “accreditation”-thingie either.

But I just feel so… not worried. Not at all.

I know life will take me where ever I need to go.

And what I need to do, I will do.

Simple as that.

I just have to remember to breathe.


in this moment.

right now.



chiiill Frida.

Just chill. Have patience.

Good things will keeeeep on coming.

In abundance. (drifting away… smiling.)

Not suitable for children. or my mother!

This is a 7 page comic that I would like to bring to Angoulême. But it’s not finished yet. There’re still a lot of backgrounds left to draw and I wanna add a new ending (or an epilogue) too, since this story isn’t accurate anymore. I haven’t figured out all the panels for the last two pages, so I’m only giving you five to read now.

Is this too much? Am I being too uninhibited?

Somehow it doesn’t feel too intimate since it’s just a little comic figure doing all the talking, while I’m sitting safe and sound in the privacy of my studio drawing my little doodles night ‘n day…

Here goes anyway, suggested for mature readers and all that:


Panel one: It has now been… at least three months since I had sex with a man.

thought bubble: September, Octobre, December… mmm… at least three.

Panel two: Maybe that’s not such a long time…

Panel three: And I do give myself orgasms often. Several times a day.

Panel four: No magical world revolutionary spraying orgasms of course.

Panel five: But they’re actually not what I miss most about the sex…

Panel six: It’s the oral stuff…

Panel one: Kisses. They were nice.

Panel two: To feel the taste of his body. The salty sweat. My lips against his skin. My teeth lightly pressing down on his flesh.

Panel three: But most of all I miss… The cock.

Panel four: Oh… So smooth in my mouth…

Panel five: It feels so good against my tounge… Up against the palate

Panel six: Down the pharynx Y-Yh-Yees Oh The cock So good My mouth Fill My Mouth MnnhhhH (yeah, you get the picture)


Panel one: heh…

Panel two: Maybe I’m like a nymphomaniac. I do think about sex all the time…

Panel three: A while ago I was obsessed with this guy…

Panel four: We can call him “J”. Then he’ll probably know who he is. Or should I say “K” instead?

Panel five:  Cute bastard.

Panel six: Yeah… No… It never happened with him. Nothing oral what so ever. Not even a kiss.

Panel one: Anyway, I used to dream alot about him back then.

Panel two: What he refused me in the waking world I could wallow in at night.

Panel three: At his work… just right there on the copy machine… Ghawd I was so hot for him… It’s insane… He could have just poked me and I would simply have burst out in a spontaneous orgasm right away… God! Damn!

Panel four: Well well… That didn’t happen.

Panel five: This was actually the first time I’ve ever had a man “tease” me.

Panel six: Get me all desperat with desire… And then just… Let it go. Without even a kiss.

Panel one:  Incredibly strange experience.

Panel three: Anyway my dreams aren’t about him anymore.

Panel four: Now it’s just cocks

Panel five: Lovely cocks which I suck and suck and suck.

Panel six: I choose to see it as a sign of good health…

Better but not done

Okay, so I took care of what was wrong with the second page and added a third page. Still need to re-arrange the panels on the first page though. And give the inking some extra finesse too.

Är jag duktig nu mamma sid 1 NY


Unt now! Second page. Very different from the first version. Much better, but I still need to get some background in the last panel… the dirty panel. *blushing*

Är jag duktig nu mamma sid 2 NY

Aaaand now

*drum roll* 

Third page!

Är jag duktig nu mamma sid 3

The text is still the same, just spread out on more panels.

No! It’s not the same! I actually made a few changes in the text when I re-drew it.  Should probably translate it all over again for you guys…

Hey, tell ya what! I’ll fix what needs fixing and then put it up with english text in the panels!