I’ll be MC:ing at a Halloween party at Debaser Malmö tonight!

The theme for costumes are Comics,

so I have transformed myself into Delirium.

I’ll add a pic tomorrow…


A good day

I wish everyday could be like this… Today felt a little bit like christmas. (did you notice how his hair in that video was a  s-t-r-o-k-e  o-f  g-e-n-i-o-u-s?!)

First I had a good and quite productive morning at CAS.

I was on time AND had showered before leaving for school!

I made a copy of my zine for Niklas, one of my mentors, while watching a youtube-clip of google-wave. (I want google-wave… it’s like msn and facebook, only better! g-g-goooogle!!! I love them!!! GogoGOGOGogoogoOGOOogoGOOoGLe!!!)

Then I took a loooong walk (ok, I admit… it was only like 45 minutes of walking, but still! It’s a lot for me!) to Tekniska museet where I met up with Mia to talk about my new job (fröken Frida! I’m o be a teacha! Yay!!!)  which I will be kicking off on wednesday the week after this. For reals! They’re mine now! My children! 😀 I’m like Jesus: just let the children come to me! 😀 LET THEM COME!

I then took a nice stroll down to the comic book store at Lilla Torg. They still didn’t have Julie Doucet’s  My new york diary… what’s up with that?! A comic book store that doesn’t have Julie?! WHAT?!

Then I went to Science fiction-bokhandeln, and almost had a nervous breakdown (not true, I was calm as a bucket of sour milk, but for the sake of the story I chose to exaggerate my reaction here) because of that lousy excuse for a comic book shelf they have.

In some respects Stockholm definitely still has the upper hand on Mmö… I mean; Alvglans, Comics heaven, Staffar, SoFo comics, Science fiction-bokhandeln in Old Town… and there are even a few more that I can’t remember the names of right now.

Yeah yeah, ‘nough o’ this jibberjabber! On to the good parts! Yes. So, I had lunch at Govindas, bestest lunch ever! I read Lokas Till mina vänner och ovänner as I ate. (Fascinating and funny, she is! The one where she’s afraid to use the phone, haha, beautifully humourous!).

Then back to school where I sketched 6 pages (Hurra!)  for the book.

At 6 o’clock Lisa, me and Loulou went to Niklas art exhibit. He is so frikkin’ talented! He is pure inspiration to me!

I drooled over his paintings for a while, gave him my zine, said hello to Knut, that elegant man, and then headed off to the next event of the evening…

Which was the lovely Loka Kanarp! She spoke about her book Pärlor och Patroner at Amalthea bokcafé.

I so enjoyed listening to her! Liv Strömquist acted as interviewer for the talk, and she’s awesome to listen to too! ^_^ Ah!

Such a great day!

Had a late dinner with Loulou, Johan, Lisa and Tomas.

I especially enjoyed the company of Loulita today. She is clever and sweet and funny. Lots of love 2 you LouLou!

Oh goddesses and gods, the allmighty spirits of forsight and love, I give thanks for this wonderful day.

Filled with so many blessings. 

Mash’allah! Allah akhbar!

It feels just like christmas in my heart today!

I even spoke to Ullis on the phone. This day was indeed perfect! ❤

New titel page for the book!

Today I’ve been thinking and sketching and drawing on a new cover for my book.

The one I had before was more of a general Fridas diary-cover and since this first book (yes, first of three… I’m thinking of making it a trilogy: The Chronicles of Frida! ahm…what was that? My head? It grew bigger you say? That’s strange…) will be concentrating on my first years as a model, I wanted something special for that.

I wanted Nina/me to look model-sexy, but still scared and uncomfortable like I was when I was 14.

Gunnar said it would be good to have the word model in the title, so I’m trying out Modelljakten (Model search). 

I would like the title to look like a neon Motel sign, so it should be a bit more bulging than this and maybe with a bit of a glow.

Can’t really say why I want it like that, just that I like Motel signs I guess…

And the colour is smooth wine red (maybe brownish), ’cause thats the way it has to be.

It’s just the colour of this story.

It’s also close to the colour I’ve been using for most of my blog entrys about this book.

I don’t think it could be any other way really…  

Ny titelsida med färg

I will be darkening the wall behind her so she stands out more. And is it just me, or are her ankles just a liiiitle bit to slim? hehe… But all that can wait.

*deep sigh*

 What a good days work, Friedchen.

Now I can finally let myself go home! This was my raison d’etre today. Hope you had one too.

God bless you, everyone!

Sloooowly getting there…




Haha, the trees look like some kind of disease! Or like some sort of seaweed perhaps… Not like trees anyhow… asch, they look allright.

Question: Why am I so slow?

Answer: I need to eat and sleep.

Fruit salad is not breakfast. If you add granola and some yoghurt, then you have a dish that could pass as breakfast. But only fruit, no. That’s a No.

The first year students at Comic Art School just doesn’t have the concept of friday-breakfast down yet… I can’t wait for it to be my turn to arrange it! I’m gonna represent! Show em how it’s done! YeahYeahYeah, chickettycheck it out, Fabulous Frikkin Frida, DJ trippel eFF – in tha house!

If I was a DJ that would be my name. DJ trippel eFF.

I’ve noticed that these youngsters of today often miss-spell consciously like that. Instead of writing triple F, it’s trippel eFF. Or if you wish to write the word cousin (or the word because), it’s suffices to just write cuz.

I’ve heard kids on tv say aks instead of ask when reffering to questioning too. That makes me think of the swedish phenomenon where people say ressichör instead of regissör.

 Why do they do that? Is it easyer to say ressichör?


Oh darn… I have a headache. Have to sleep now so I have energy for the release party tonight.  If you want to join me for a beer and the celebration of Åsa Ekströms book, Sayonara September, be at Debaser Malmö sometime between 20 and 22.  C ya there babes! It’ll be awesome for sure!

Work in progress

I showed you the rough sketches for this comic the other day.

Now you can see a little more of what it’s actually gonna look like when it’s finished.

Of course I have a lot of static work ahead of me before it’s done. All those roof tiles on pg 3… ay ay ay, caramba.

Manisk i Nytan Sid 1





This comic and two others will be printed in “My Stockholm diary nmbr 2”. I have some sketches and half finished pages for one more story, but I need to have at least three comics to make it a complete fanzine. So it’s back to the drawing table for me. And yes yes, of course there will be dirty sexy filt in the other stories. I’m no neat little Catholic schoolgirl you know… hah! I don’t really think Catholic schoolgirls are that neat and innocent though. A quick search on google images and you get a lot of dirty Catholic schoolgirls


Oh yeah! And some good news! I decided yesterday that I’ll be going to Angoulême in Januari for the big International Comic festival. Vive la France!

Do you recognize the 3 famous men in this drawing?

I’m not finished with the colouring.

My hair, for example, shouldn’t be white.

I’ve used marker-pens and photoshop to colour it.

So now, to the million dollar question:

Can you name the 3 famous men in this drawing? (no, don’t try to be funny and answer “Frida”. I have beuwwbs fer chriss’ake!)

Frida gillar Rogert

 Hey, let’s make a fun game out of it! If you recognize all three of them and if you’re the first to write the answer in the comment-thread under this pic, you win a prize! (I promise to make something very special as a prize. And put a lot of love into it. You can also make a request for your prize if you have something particular in mind…)

PS That’s my exact outfit today. The only thing I missed on the drawing was my earrings. DS