Color test – no 1, markers

This is me when I was 15. Or 14… Asch, it doesn’t really matter exactly how old I was… I was younger than I am now.

And I was in love with B.

Madly in love. Like a constant pressure on my chest. A constant pain through my teenage years.

I would have done anything for him. Anything. I’d have cut off one of my arms if he needed it for something, removed my uterus with a scissor if that would have been to his pleasure,

I’d even have killed another human being for him…


Lucky he never asked me… might have regretted that whole “cut-off-my-arm”-thing in retrospect…

Anywayzzz, as you can easily deduce, this is one page of a *longer story. And it will eventually end up in Kolik förlags Novellett-utgivning.

*That 26-pager I told ya’ll about the other day… Yes, apparently it was good shit.


2 thoughts on “Color test – no 1, markers

  1. jag personligen skulle gilla om du hade mer luft i pratbubblorna. Det blir lättare att läsa då. I övrigt gillar jag verkligen den symetriska layouten och den impressionistisa tågrutan. den där noveletten ser jag verkligen fram emot!

    • mmm… jag har textat lite stressigt och hetsigt, I know… Det kommer bli snyggare sen.
      Men åh, du säger så bra saker! Tack Tomas! ❤

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