Work in progress

Have I told you lately that I love you? I’m not sure… I forget sometimes.

Okay, so here’s some in-the-process-stuff from the story I’m working on right now. It’s moving along slowly, alot of stuff coming in between, life and all that crap u know…

Aaanywhoo… none of these pages are finished, but I guess you get an idea of where I’m going with them at least?! … !

Below are sketches/scripts for the two following pages of the story.

My process when drawing a comic looks diffrent depending on what I’m doing it for.

If I’m just drawing something for myself, just for fun or to post on the blogg or what ever, I usually don’t make any mini-sketch/script at all. I just go from blank paper to finished comic in one sitting.

Working for a publisher is diffrent. I sketch, sketch again, ink, scan, print a copy, color the copy and scan it again…  

’nuff said! I’ve got some packing to do, moving back to Stockholm and all…

so laterz mes amis,

and don’t forget: je vous aime!


3 thoughts on “Work in progress

    • hehe, mnjaaa… Jim och jag var aldrig ihop. Inte efter mina mått mätta i alla fall.
      Han var min älskare och gödare, gav mig njutning när jag önskade det, men aldrig ngt kärlekspirr i magen…

      Jo fan, jag tror du kommer gilla’n faktiskt!

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