Life happens all the time

Just for fun: some pics of my home made Yoga-session! En foto-serie! 😀

FridaYoga, step one: Choose a foot and grab hold of it.

Step two: gracefully move your foot/leg to the loving-swan-position.

Step three: When in loving-swan-position straighten leg up and make a perfect flowing motion towards the front of your body.

Step four: Ah, yes, now you breathe in slowly and hold your position.

Step five: focus on the new flow of energy pulsing through your body and breathe out as you gently let your leg slide back into a neutral position.

Great work Frida! Inner harmony: a-c-h-i-e-v-e-d!

NOW, back to BLOG:

The other day I was chillin at a coffee place waiting for my sis to get off from work. I was sippin’ on a cup o’ green tea n inking some pages for the story I’m working on.

By total chance, coincidence, or fate a class mate from teaching school  showed up and we had a nice time chatting away. I told her about my work and showed her some pages ’till she had to be on her way. Then I went pee pee and asked the guy who was sitting at the table next to mine to keep an eye on my stuff while I was away. When I returned I noticed he had snuck a peak on my comic and smiled knowingly to him. He began asking about it. What it was and if I had really drawn everything by hand. I took the opportunity to brag shamelessly about myself and my awesomeness and somehow slipped over to the subject of me taking over the world and becoming immortal.

Then I gave him a couple of questions too so that he wouldn’t feel left out of the conversation that I so brilliantly was conducting with my self.

This way I found out he was an economic-finance-something (which fascinated me endlessly. (NO IRONY, I’m really fascinated with aspects of life that I have no previous notion of.)), that he moved here from France a few years back to be with his (then) girlfriend (who was a Swedish girl) and that she broke up with him after a 10 year relationship ’cause he wanted to wait a little longer to have kids (“I think you have to be mature, you know, we were not ready…”). She was 21 years old when they met he told me.

I was like… well dude, she was 31 yrs and you’d been together for 10… You should totally have given her a baby. Dumb ass.

I laughed loudly at my frankness and waived my arms around like a crazy person. HahahaHah! I then moved on to depict the ultimate living situation for me, my dream life for the future. I told him what I needed from my future partner is a supportive husband who could take care of our relationship, our children (when they’re being difficult that is. I still wanna cuddle with ’em when they’re all sweet and cute-like) and of course care for our home, so that I could focus on my ultimate goal of becoming immortal through my grandiosity.

He looked frightened and skeptical and asked me if I was serious. I looked him right dead in the eye and nodded. “This is what I am expecting of my partner, yes.”

He answered this by showing me a couple of interesting art shows in the Sthlm area on his computer,

and guess what?! Tomorrow we’re meeting up to go see an exhibition together! Tres intressant! Je voudrais practise mon french, tu sais. Et il est around 35 ans, je pense. Tres bon! au revoir mes amis! ❤


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