Hey brothas n sistahs!

I’ve been a bad bad girl lately. I know. I shouldn’t keep you sweet honeys waiting like this. What’s it been..? Like a YEAR since my last update!

Sorry guys.

But let’s let the past be the past and simply enjoy mah fäääbulös bloggaliciousness! 😀

Okay, so what’s new? Apparently my “ex” (there has really only ever been one ex in my life, and that’s B (the wonderful man I was engaged to, ❤ u’re always in my heart.), but for the simplicity of this text I’ll call E “my ex” too), so, apparently my ex chugged a bunch of my original drawings/comics in the trash. I just received these fascinating news via a text message from him yesterday.

They were diary-comics that I hadn’t scanned or copied, which means that they are now lost for ever.

At first I was like “Wha… whaaa… n-n-nooo…h-he’s j-joking, right? It’s a joke? Or he’s trying to provoke me..? get me to react so he can feel empowered somehow..? yeah… that’s gotta be it…”

But now I’ve come to terms with the way life is. Sometimes you do stupid things like throw yourself at someone who doesn’t want you, and sometimes you give stuff to people who don’t appreciate them. Simple as that. Live and learn and learn to forgive and accept and move on.

Further more I choose to see this as a lesson in the inevitable transience of all that is, has been or ever shall be.

One day I too will be dead, and all that will remain of me is the never dying legend of my eternal wisdom and glory… hähä…

ahhh, yeees, for centuries to come people will chant my name and praise Frida Ulvegrenthe all mighty goddess, who came to this earth in the shape of just your regular awesome sauce-lady to let her heavenly light shine upon you, her fellow beings. Yes. Quite.

(haha, this just made me lol, I can totally relate to David!)

ooookay, oookay, calm down little miss big head… ’nuff’ said ’bout my personal life now. Let’s move on to more work related stuff!

These are my ongoing projects:

1) the story I’m drawing for Kolik förlag. It’s very beautiful. You will enjoy it. I’m gonna go to Södermalm today to take some reference photos for the last three pages of it.

2) Restaurant Imperiet wants comic art signed Frida Ulvegren to hang on their walls as a permanent exhibiton, so I’m gonna get some reference photos for that ASAP too.

3) Got some reports and essays for teacher school to write… I haven’t really done my best school-wise lately… kind of been procrastinating. ehehe… you know how it is, right?

Anywhoo, I’m thinking of posting a vid’ here soon enough. An open letter to E perhaps! heh.



I should stop thinking about him now. Let the past be the past.

Truly, I am eagerly awaiting new adventures. Life is so long, ya know. This world is just filled with all these fantastic human beings that I haven’t even met yet. Can you imagine that? A world full of people to get to know and fall in love with. How wonderful! HahahhahhahaHAh, I am so happy! Everything is so nice and gay! Flowers and sunshine and little babies and brown paper packages tied up with strings, Yesyesyes!


Ha. haha.


(ehh… affirmation FAIL. hehe)


5 thoughts on “Hey brothas n sistahs!

  1. Maybe, just maybe, a garbageman found those comics in the trash and was entranced by their wit and wisdom and now keeps them in his truck to help him get through those long, hard days of hauling garbage; a shining beacon of joy and youthful exuberance in his dreary life.

    Nah, that doesn’t seem likely, does it? Just trying to cheer you up.

    Seriously though, it’s none of my business – I don’t really know you and I’ve never met him – but for what it’s worth, my advice is: Forget him and move on. The guy doesn’t seem to be worth it and you deserve better. Instead, get to work on drawing new comics to replace the ones you lost!

  2. “But now I’ve come to terms with the way life is. Sometimes you do stupid things like throw yourself at someone who doesn’t want you, and sometimes you give stuff to people who don’t appreciate them

    Buwaaah, WORD. Livet suger 😉 Nämen. Det blir alltid bättre igen. Alltid, alltid. Gogo Frida! I believe in you. 🙂 Och sånt. Plus att du är typ bäst. Bara en sån sak. ^^

    Hoppas på serier framöver! 😀 Loads n’ looaads of ’em! ^^

    • Hehe, tack för peppen! jooo rå, jag ritar så fingrarna värker, så serier blir det absofruitly!

      Ja… eftersom jag nu tycks misslyckas med mina kärleksrelationer hela tiden kan jag ju lägga ner det där tjaffset och satsa på att helt enkelt bli bäst istället.
      (och känner jag mig själv rätt så dröjer det väl inte länge förrän jag kärat ned mig i ännu en ny fan-boy… ghawd… när ska det ta slut detta eviga jagande? jag blir så trött.)

      • Haha, jag önskar dig lycka till med det! Innerligt. Tänk om man faktiskt KUNDE använda sina känslomässiga trasor till konstruktivt skapande ^^ Det Ska ju gå, har jag hört… Visserligen har det lett till att jag i (dumpnings-)perioder har en jääävligt välstädat lägenhet såå xD Haha. Kanske ligger något i det.

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