Coming down to Määälmöööö!

When in Malmö I hope to:

1) Hang out with my Malmöfamily (Thobezter, Leeza (see link below), Loolliz and Jouwhän).

2) Scan some comics, send one to Karmosin-Henri, and maybe print out a new Frida-zine while I’m at it…

3) Go to this exhibition in Copenhagen.

I saw her on a Kobra-special last night and remembered that Lizzie told me a while ago that I would love her work, since she’s even more “boundary-challenged” than I am… hehe, boundary-challenged… I got that one from J/K. He wasn’t all bad actually, there were some good moments, he was funny at time.

Anywhoo! Wish me luck on my Skaune expedition! The adventure begins here and now. 😀


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