The exhibition

I made these informative signs for the exhibition with my students work. Now it’s almost like you were there! Awesome, huh?!

Lizzie took a couple of pic’s of me and the last group of kidz, but I haven’t got the usb-sladd right now, so they’ll have to be posted laterz.


6 thoughts on “The exhibition

  1. comments from the exhibition:

    One of the teachers who attended: “You drew yourself with the same clothes as you have on now!”
    Me: “I know, I planned my outfit ahead. All the way down to the earrings.” ^_^

    One of the students: “You missed your tattoo.”
    Me: “Oh! you’re right! I totally forget that I have a tattoo when I’m drawing myself!”

    There. Now you really have the full experience of being at the event. Kisses!

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