My students are awesome!

I’m still working on scanning and printing my students comics for the exhibition we’re gonna have on June third.  And it’s not just the computers slowing me down. It’s the kids too… I just get stuck reading their stuff! They’re so unintentionally funny sometimes!

This kid was like “I call bullshit on your assignment, teach’.”

And I’m all like “haha, hell yeah! bring it!”  

Translation: I love food. I hate everything. I’m afraid of everything. I love poo. I hate pigs. I’m afraid of soda.

I actually wrote a chapter for my teaching-book based on this kid. He was very intelligent and warm. I think he was almost too intelligent for his own good. He saw through everything and that made his level of engagement in the assignments drop to nothing. When we had discussions about real-life-stuff he was very interested and gave good insigts and helped his friends.

He had a classmate who kept saying that his comic was so worthless and bad (even though he was way ahead of the rest of the class) and then this intelligent “I call bullshit on”-kid just went real snappy and said “Stop it. Shut up. You’re just saying that to make people tell you how good you are.” 

God, I really loved these kids… All of them. I’ve met some of them on the streets of Malmö and I just get all warm inside when I see them. I hope they understand how they’ve affected me.

Okay… that’s it…

No, wait, I gotta post this one too.

Aww, the creativity… The knowledge and reflecting over the self… It’s just so frikkin grrreat!


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