Celebrating towel day

Yes, today is towel day. The day we rejoice and come together to celebrate the many great uses of a towel.

No, seriously, it IS towel day.  Now pay your respects to the greatness of the Towel.

A towel has many uses. When feeling lonely a towel can be snuggled with really intensely,

and unlike living beings such as cats or men it wont scratch you or try to get away. The towel will stay for ever and wont get all irritable and be like “I need space.” or “you’re suffocating me.” or “Why are you reading all of my e-mails and text messages?”…

A towel can of course also be used as a fashion garment. Here we see Frida displaying the classic “sari-style”-towel-ware. As you can see she hasn’t really gotten the whole “having it stay on her without holding it up with her hands” down, which will affect her daily life and chores in a somewhat disrupting matter.

Oh! Wow! What’s up here?! Well, an attack of Vildvittror, naturally. And when caught in a Vildvittra-situation the towel is definitely your best friend.

See how it gives cover and shelter! The evil bloodthirsty -birds will be absolutely stupefied by this towely ingeniosity. (ingeniosity… that’s not even a word...)

Ah… yes Frida dear, the towel did save you yet again. Phu!

In other news, the sun is shining and I’m ridiculously happy right now. Me and my towel… what more could I possibly want from life?

Kisses mah sweets! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Celebrating towel day

    • näe Willie… fyyy!
      Jag har iofs bara vetat om denna högtidsdag sedan förra året, trots att jag blev Liftarens Guide-frälst redan som fjortonåring. Och förresten, dagen är inte över än! Du kan gott krama en handduk nu ju!

  1. Frida Wrote: “…what more could I possibly want from life?”

    A somewhat tacky answer I guess would be:

    A glass of Champagne, a Soap and a Bath with Foam that smells like Violets and perhaps thousands and thousands of little red Rosepeddles sprinkled on top of it all???

    And then suggestably Maple Walnut Ice Cream with Rumdrenched Raisin in it for Dessert?

    All wrong?

    Sorry, I was just guessin’ 😉

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