Save tonight

Is it weird to go on a date with a fan?

It’s a little weird, isn’t it…

But you have to understand that my fans are sooo frikkin awesome. They’re not like any other fans in the world. My fans are funny, clever, attractive and charming (+ they like my work!!!).

I’m doin’ it. That’s all there is to it. I don’t care if it’s weird.

And it’s not like it’s a “date”-date.

It’s more of a “hang out” than a date really… At least that’s what I’m telling myself so as to not freak out and get panicky nervous. heee heee heee…

Tomorrows eve I shall be elsewhere anyway. I will travel by train to a far away land where the sun always shines and where every man looks like Aragorn. Wish me luck on my journey! Farewell farewell, will I ever return? No one knows… Good night.

If you look closely at the backgrounds in the vid I linked above you’ll see the awesome neighborhood where I grew up (where I’ll be chillin’ this weekend too)

family=big love

Haha, I just came to think of something on the subject of dating fans… Sweet J/K (from my comics, you know, the game-guy who drove me insane) was a fan first! He started flirting with me here on the blog before I met him IRL. I just kind of forgot about him being a fan first since he did such a good job at making me feel inadequate while we “dated”.

This flirting with my readers might be a thing with me… heh.

Let’s just pray it ends better than last time. God… removing me from his friend-list on facebook… what’s up with that? It’s such a hateful thing to do.

Lisa quoted that song when I told her, “Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession”.

So he might hate me… Why though? Why hate me? I didn’t even reject him. He was the one who wanted to end it and I don’t hate him for that. I think of him as a friend. If he needed to borrow money or something I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to give it to him.

’cause I’m a friendly person.

I’m rambling now.

It’s late. I shouldn’t be using my work-blog for this kind of mucky nostalgia anywayzzz…

g’night honheybunnz


2 thoughts on “Save tonight

  1. Nejnejnej, ingen “date-date” här inte! Bara ett avslappnat möte i en trevlig miljö:

    “… Det är kotym att under eventuella omständigheter av supporternatur ej idka samlag eller annan fysisk kontakt av sexuell natur med vederbörande…” / M. Ribbing (11/8 -06)

    Och jag håller helt med…

    • Jaaa… du och Ribbing, ni är så kloka ni!

      men som awesome rockstar känner jag tyvärr ä-n-d-å att jag kanske m-å-s-t-e leva myten fullt ut. tyvärr. 😀

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