When I get married

Yeah yeah yeah, I knoooow, I’ll never be nobodys wife and all that. I’m just digging my own grave with all of these autobio-relationship-comics. Nobody’ll want to walk down the aisle with the way too open comics-girl.

But if you put reality aside… and just stay with me in this little ole fantasy-world of mine for a few sentences… and indulge me in this dream of a future that could have been if I wouldn’t have been such a lost cause for everlasting love…

Okay, so. WHEN I GET MARRIED! 😀 I’m gonna have the first-dance go something like this, haha, with the fantastic-surprise-awesome-dance to s-s-spice up tha parthey! But instead of “Big Buts”, I’d go with Kens’ “Nu måste vi dra”, or something equally peppy and upbeat. Jag svär, livet blir bättre när man vet var man ska. Jag svär! And our choreography would be even more kick ass than the one performed by the couple in the vid. 😀

A friend of mine suggested some time ago that I could marry myself somehow… I liked the idea of that, since I don’t wanna miss out on the big party and the tear-drenched or crack-me-up-funny speeches, songs, performances and what-nots, just because I seem to be unconsciously set on screwing up my love life.

I know both my family and my friends are very creative people who’d make the party the most awesome event evvarrr.

And of course… I also wanna get dolled up in some fäääbulous white wedding-dress with glitter and beads sparkling all over it and look like a real princess. (sound effect)

Okay. Thas ist alles für mich today.

Time to get going to my studio and try to get some work done. I’m not hung over, even though I did attend an almost-thirtieth-birthday party yesterday, but I do have something of a Sunday-blues going…

Nothing serious though.

Just a bit of hormonal unbalance I think.

Anywayz… laterz dudes


5 thoughts on “When I get married

  1. Haha, ja, den är ju underbar den där dansen. Vet dock inte om Ken har samma komiska underton som Sir Mixalot, men flygresan är ju minst 10 timmar så det finns tid att diskutera det då.

    Det är bara att dra iväg ett mess så bokar jag biljetterna, any day… ANY DAY…

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