Sketchbook drawing from Wednesday.

Listen to this.

The day after this (thursday) I went to Astrid & Aporna to get lunch. When I was about to enter I saw him sitting right by the entrance with a bunch of our mutual friends.

I had a milli-second of confusion and uncertainty rush through my mind. Should I just turn around? But I couldn’t have done that… That would have been weird.

He saw me too. I noticed his reaction. Kind of uncomfortable. A touch of… was it fear of confrontation?  yeah, something like that, flickered over his face.

I said hi.

He said hi.

So… I can say hi… That’s good.

I went up to the counter, ordered my lunch, sat down there and watched them all from a distance as I waited for my food.

It’s weird, that there’s a person in my life who feels uncomfortable with my presence… Weird.

But it was still nice to see him.

I couldn’t stop smiling.  That longing warm smile, you know… Like when you’re standing on a cliff looking at the ocean. A calm and a longing, both sensations in me at the same time.

But I was never good for him.

And he was never good for me

I’m still thankfull for it all though.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook drawing from Wednesday.

  1. Åååå, en ny Ulvegren-kreation, dagen är räddad! (glömmer nästan bort att jag sitter fast med tjugo dussin 40talistgubbar på norska höglandet)

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