Back to the future

Back to the book.

Winners never quit.

I’ve gone through the old sketches for my book tonight and a new spark lit in me. I haven’t looked at it for months now ’cause something in me just choked up and I had to put it away. But with spring comes new flow… And I sat down tonight, and read it through, first page to last, and well… it’s good. Not finished. Not perfect. But good.

I actually laughed a couple of times (had forgotten that there were funny moments in it) and then there were a couple of pages that sounded weird that I simply ripped out.

It’s too short though. Not so much in number of pages as in content. I need to continue the story and let it contain some memories from Athens too. Like the drug incident. And the first time I saw a naked man (there were two of them and I was supposed to look all cool and relaxed next to them). And that time with the film crew in Gamla Stan.

Oh, and by the way… I’m in love with Style (Neil Strauss) now. He’s awesome. So warm, charming and easy going.

Mystery, on the other hand, is too damaged. He’s the kind of guy you have a futile obsession with… the kind of guy you date for a while and have a lot of fun with… The kind of guy who takes you for an emotional roller coaster ride and leave you all legs-shaking and adrenaline-pumped.*sigh*

But Style now… Style’s the guy you marry. ❤


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