I LOVE MY STUDENTS! They gave me flowers! A bouquet of roses! I LOVE THEM! Three of my girls stood up at the end of the table, giggly and cute as buttons. (one of them, Becca, had called me “mommie” by mistake the previous day. Which made me ridiculously happy)

I looked up at them smiling and asked if they were planning a performance of some kind. They giggled some more and then straightened up, took a deep breath and said: “We want to thank you, Frida, for this great week. We’re gonna miss you so much.”

Then handed over the flowers.


I went around the whole table hugging each and every one of them. They’re all so special and unique, I’ll never forget this year when I got to meet so many sweet kids. Being a teacher is the Best Job in the world. I really hope they’ll come by and visit me some time.

In other news, SPX is right around the corner and I should be printing and sowing zines like crazy this week and next. And I should make some new business cards too. I only have like 5 or so left now… That’s something I really look forward to working on. Mmm… And I should take like a whole day to just scan and print stuff for Rolf too. Sunday perhaps…

And also, you should listen to this fantastic woman. She is inspiration.


6 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. ÅÅÅÅH, va fint! jag blev alldeles rörd! (that time of the month perchance?) ja vill åxå ha dig som lärare!! beeeesta nånsin ju! 😀

    • PUSS! Snart kommer det en serie där du är stjärnan. 🙂 Du är så söt när du är barn. Och när du är vuxen.

    • Babybecca! Tack för blommorna!
      Ja, du ser ju hur glad jag blev… 😉

      Vi hörs absolut,
      och jag ska hålla ett öga på dig på facebook minsann.
      Tusen kramar! ❤

  2. Så du kommer till SPX? Kommer du vara där hela helgen eller är det nån särskild dag man måste vara där om man vill ha ett signerat fanzine?

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