They be trollin’ on mah page y’all

Ahh… students… They are the best.

I just erased 7 spam-comments from those sweet little vultures. It was an array of bad spelling, even worse grammar and quite a few naughty words to spice things up. As one could expect from younglings of today of course… 🙂  

The group I’m teching this week are really cool.

Today while drawing they spoke about sexism and violence against women. I wrote down a couple of quotes to post somewhere ’cause I was so impressed. 

Then I heard them silently chit-chatter about the Illuminati and how they had noticed weird occultism in music videos and stage performances. That got me going of course, so I scribbled down the music vid’s they mentioned and I’m right now in the process of breaking them down completely. That Rude boy-vid (link above) was really cool. She’s riding a beast like a whore of Babylon and there are just swarms of occult symbols surrounding her. The eye, The triangle, The five-pointed star. Check it out, you’ll probably find stuff I haven’t noticed yet! 😀

These kids… They’re amazing. And so creative too! They wrote stories today and a couple of them gave me the shivers.  So. frikkin’. good.

Now I’m gonna git back to tha drawing table n’ draw som’n nice for y’all.

Laterz hon’s!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out Rävens comics on her blogg.


2 thoughts on “They be trollin’ on mah page y’all

  1. Man blir lätt uttråkad på helgen ska du veta, spam är klart underhållande när man sitter och ruttnar med sin slösade tid inombords.
    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Åtminstone för min del.
    Eller nåt…

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