99 visitors today.

One more? Just one? Naw… never mind.

My hand’s aching from drawing. That’s why I’m sitting here right now. 

But why am I making a comic with Anton Abele, Eric asks.

Well, it’s because of this interview I found through a friend where Anton had answered a whole bunch of questions. There’s something about that short questionare-type of text that draws me in and gets me hooked.

I read it from beginning to end and then I simply copy-pasted the whole thing to my diary-blog (Fridas hjärta) and wrote my own answers to the same questions underneath Antons answers.  

So what I’m working on now is the comic-version (which of course was my very talented and beautiful and amazing and awesome friends idea) of our answers to these interview-questions. I decided not to change a word from the actual text in the interview. Every word from Antons mouth is his own. And every word from my mouth is my own.

It’s a total of 15  pages, so I have some serious inking ahead of me. And I really want to color it with markers too…  it would look so good with color…

I’m posting this page ’cause I love the last panel so much! ^_^ I kind of look like mosterEva there (eller hur Ullis?)!


“Nooo Anton! You just ruined that song for me.”

He really did. I can’t listen to it without thinking of how Anton wants to fix me… fix Sweden… fix the world? Don’t even know which of those scare me the most. o_0


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