Nearly finished comic

but it doesn’t have a perfect rythm… I’ll work on it some more… Maybe take out all of the caption texts and just go with thought bubbles…

Releaseparty for Rocky Magasine

This party had every prospect of turning out perfect.

Well well well! What’s thiiiis? Could it be Frida in Rocky maybe? Huh?! Could it?!

I had put on the fancy stockings. For him. No one else.

Yeees… riiight… So I too can turn into a pathetic idiot.

You should at least hug when you meet like this. That’s my opinion. Chitchat cordually… Two days ago it was cosy as ever.

Two days prior

Cosy and chill as ever!!!

He was so kind and helpfull then. Gave me everything I wanted. A damn fine night! Aw!

It’s that on off… hot then cold…

That’s what’s making me stick to him.

Turnes me into a whimp that tries to adjust to his likes and dislikes instead of being myself.

HE likes stay-ups. That’s why I have stay-ups.

WASTE! Look at you, being all unnessesary! Stay-up-fuckers!

I talk to other guys at the party. I’m the best! Frikkin awesome! Magical! Rocky! I’m the best! Life!

But no one that will get to see my pretty stockings.

Right here is where I notice I’ve had too much to drink… Ooops… home.

When I close my eyes the whole world spins and it swooshes inside of me like riding a rollercoaster.

I feel good but I can’t stop thinking about how cold and inpolite he was

Aw. Why didn’t I get a hug from him? not even a hug… Not eeven a hug? Not even a hug!!!

Not even a hug.

So. damn. powerfull.

What a text! Totally f-ing genius!  I have to write it to him! Drunken fingers flutter over the keyboard.

Hm. That didn’t turn out so goooood… hm.

There IS a posibility that I will regrett this tomorrow…

I wrote down all of the lyrics to “Nothing compares to you” With a bunch of spelling errors?!

Like an idiot.

The entire text. To “Nothing compares to you”?!

Pooooop/Shiiiit/excremeeeeent (haven’t chosen which word to use yet…)

And now, three pages of an epilogue I sketched to this sad and pathetic night.

How we ended it on a happy note so to speak.

This is really really sketchy and unfinished, so I wont even translate it. Updates will come my sweets!


8 thoughts on “Nearly finished comic

  1. ja, käraste syster, du är sannerligen beest, som tobbe säger. jag blir bara mer och mer impad för var dag som går. skrattade högt åt dina ascoola teckningar- det är som om det är jag själv som sitter där och våndas. fast med mer distans förstås. en något mer bekväm ställning. jag längtar efter dig, fina gullesyster! kom hit på din fölselledag så ska ru få frukost på sängen med ett ljus på brickan, å tåårta! gunnaschon spässijaaal! jaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! 😀


    • Åh! Så underbart att jag lockar till högljudda skratt! PUSS!

      Jag kommer! Bokar en resa så snart pengarna kommit in på kontot.
      Åh så fantastiskt att få bli födelsedagspysslad av storasyster! ❤

  2. den här serien är jättefin, och den talar verkligen för att du och jag är som dag och natt. Eller snarare Solen och Månen. Vi kretsar båda kring Jorden som vi totalt avgudar. Utan Jorden vill vi inte leva. Nej, utan Jorden KAN vi inte leva. Vi existerar bara för att Jorden ska kunna se oss.

    Jag tycker du är så produktiv också:)

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