I love to teach. And draw. And live.

I’ve had an amazing day with my students. Today was their first day with me and already I feel like I know them. ❤

They’re in seventh grade and I had this idea in my head that seventhgraders were the hardest students to handle. But these guys are golden!

When I was going home I glansed back at the whiteboard and saw that the kids had written “We love Frida” and drawn little hearts. Their first day with me. Oh. my. god.

All I can say is the feelin’s mutual, guys.

I still remember being a seventh grader myself. It was the time in my life when I was furthest away from myself. All of my insecurities and that oh so common fear of rejection was acting up and made me obnoxious.

Good thing I’m all better now though!

Anywayzzz, on another note, I’ve been sketching some fan art for Modesty Blaise…

and this is what I’ve got so far:

Säääxyyy. This is the first time I’ve tried drawing weapons and I’m quite satisfied with the result. 😀 


4 thoughts on “I love to teach. And draw. And live.

  1. Frida! DE ÄR FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!! bra med byssör på na när ho sitter å huker. fett säxxi ändå. du e ba bäst! puss på dig, älskade syster!!!

    • Haha! Älskade storasyster! Min bästaste vän! Vilken härlig peppenergi! 😀

      “Ooom duuuu va hääär, om du va här, om jag va dääär, Om duuu va häääär” :’)

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