Sometime, somewhere, where you least expect it…

someone might come up to you and say: SMILE! I’m your repressed demon!

Demons in dreams can represent parts of your unconscious mind that have been repressed and neglected and are now threatening to disrupt or mutilate the psyche. These demons should be approached lovingly, given attention and be integrated into your conscious life. This will bring about their conversion, which is to say that they will cease to threaten and will contribute their vital energies to the enhancement of the self.

Self-knowledge – knowing what we are carrying around with us in our unconscious – is the only sure defence against what in ancient times was called demonic possession, which in psychological terms means the conscious ego being taken over by unconscious forces such as obsessive fear or anger, or whatever.

So, are you in a relationship where you have stormy fights every other day? Then it’s probably due to your repressed demons being activated by the two of you projecting your unresolved issues on the other…


Well, in my experience these are steps in the right direction:

1) recognize what you are doing.

2) bring in to light that you are not in a healthy situation.

3) verbalise what is happening (first to yourself and then to your partner/therapist/friends).

3) accept what you are, the good and the bad.

4) work actively on bettering yourself.

5) forgive yourself if you fail and get yourself up and try again. Winners never quit! 


5 thoughts on “Sometime, somewhere, where you least expect it…

  1. du borde länka till låten, …”if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again, try again”

    PUSS från syster!!!

  2. Nä… asså, jag kollade in videon och gillade varken låten eller videon… inte min musiksmak alls…

    Men tack för att du digga bilden! Och jag behöver v-i-s-s-t höra att mina bilder är grymma så o-f-t-a som möjligt! ^_^ Puss!!!

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