Only in Russia

Three of my cousins lived in Russia for a couple of years. Their dad is a foreign correspondent working for Dagens Nyheter and he was stationed in Russia a few years back. My cousins attended school there and eventually came to call that strange and enchanted land their home.

Now this was many years ago, they’re all back in Sweden, 

but once you go Russian I don’t think the country ever really leaves your soul…

These are a few of the reasons why:

For more “Only in Russia”-pics, go to:  


10 thoughts on “Only in Russia

    • Ja, Lars är en go grabb som man inte sällan håller med. Alice i Underlandet kommer på bio snart förresten! Wiiihooo!!! 😀

    • ja det är lustigt att du skriver det eftersom din mamma sa samma sak när hon tittade på dina könsdelar! Himla lustigt!

      (obs! jag ämnar skämta. Vet förstås alls inget om varesig dina könsdelar eller din mamma.)

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