It’s late. I’m a little tipsy.

I need to pee. But I don’t. I just sit here. At the kitchen table. Staring at my computer.

Been chatting with my kid sister on facebook.

She’s cool. Very communicative. She’s good at listening. And also at responding… I’m glad I have her in my life. Love ya sis’.

Today I saw Precious with Thobe and Leez (really touching (no pun intended!) flick with Mariah Carrey (?) and Lenny Kravitz (?) doin’ cameos, both of whom were surprisingly good). Afterwards we ended up at this fancy ass hotel bar (which was nice ’cause it was almost empty. I only got bothered by one man at the bar and he was quite harmless. He said I was 16 years old and I think I took it as a compliment… but I’m not certain it was…) where we sat for a couple of hours, having drinks, talking and enjoying the complimentary coffee.

It was a beautiful evening. We shared our life stories. Talked about parents and fucked up stuff that we went through as kids. And how someone who scared you when you were a kid (read: father dear) can all of a sudden turn out to be more fragile than yourself when you’ve grown up.

Earlier today I had a real youtube-frenzy. I’m so totally down with the youtube-shit right now y’all. Ask me about any viral video and I’m sure to’ve seen it.

Also, I’m now down with the internet-lingo –for realz. Example: I know what trollin‘ is. And I’ve understood that internetters use bad grammar too, like this: “I has a good idea”. But then I’m like… why? why do they do that? it’s just so… wrong. Why not write “I have a good idea” instead?

Anyway what I’m getting at is that I’m so down with the kidz now that it’s just ridiculous. I’m like downer with the kidz than the kidz themselves!

(Troll says: you’re a retrd)

Me: Yeah, whatevarrr troll! Like I caaare… I’ll have you know that some of the coolest people alive are retards.

Like your mom. (oh god no… I’m turning in to him… please stop me… please… it’s not even funny. D: )

This is the guy I’m obsessed with on the tube. He’s the reason for my pulling retarded “your mom”-jokes.

Also noteable: his channel actually made me get a youtube-account… Never thought I’d see the day… but yes. It happened. I’m now on the tube, as they say (they don’t say that, do they? I’m just being the mom on the internet trying to get with all the hippetty hipsters… right. Oh, darn it.).

Don’t really know what to do with that channel-whadayacallit, though… Might make some sort of video-blog or something..? The thing is I had to get the account, ’cause there was this one vid’ on his channel that was blocked for non-youtubers. sneaky bastard. And it wasn’t even a dirty vid’ or nothin’… Jus’ a one a’ dem reg’lar vid’ a’ his hjutube-clippin’s. (that was a redneck interpretation. pretty impressive huh?)

Sorry guys… there’s just no point to this post. I’m pointless tonight. I should post some drawings or something like that tomorrow… Something substantial. This whole youtube-experience I’ve been through is actually quite empty and unsubstantial. Entertaining as it is, it leaves you with that hollow feeling of… non-accomplishment.

I’m looking forward to breakfast in a couple of hours. Mmm… coffee… and toast… with Bregott… extra saltat… and avocado.


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