One of my darling readers

Today I got added on FB by this beautiful creature.

I’ve checked her out of course, not just because I’m a stalker by nature, but also ’cause I’m curious to see what kind of people read this blog… and it seems she’s quite allright… Just listen to this:

She’s an april child (as am I) and her drawings/comics are very good. (it’s a shame she hasn’t posted any of her work on her blog though…) det borde du verkligen göra, Emma.

She’s a fan of my mentor and constant source of inspiration Julie Doucet, and that if anything is an excellent sign of good character!

She was into witchcraft when she was a kid and I saw a picture of her posing with a Bible… grrreat combo if you ask me! (det där var en väldigt intern och långsökt länkning… Jag syftar alltså på Douglas Adams ‘Liftarens guide till galaxen’ -som var något av en religiös upplevelse för mig att läsa som 14åring- där s-v-a-r-e-t är 42)

Anywhooo… She sent me a message saying I should update this blog more frequently, sooo (since it’s for you guys I do it all) here goes:

Today I had a visit at my studio at Comic Art School from a class of 7th graders. These kids will be a pure joy to teach! The 1 of march will be my first comic creating workshop with them. 😀

I showed them around, told them about the school and they were just cute as a bunch of buttons! Much cuter than I was when I was a seventh grader… I was horrible. Allways had a sinister expression on my face (as if I hated everyone… I didn’t. I was just scared and insecure.), kept my arms folded under my boobs, shoulders pulled up high and of course I wore lots and lots of bad bad bad make up. Yiech. And the raven cried “Never more, never more!”

In other news, I seem to have offended a guy by posting his name on my diary blog. (I only wrote that I think he’s cute… I mean really… take it as a compliment and be happy fercrissake! Buuut… I know it’s not my place to tell other people how they should react. Therefore I of course obliged his wish. So if there are any other offended guys out there, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I will listen. I allways listen when it’s important. And I’ll change your name to whatever you want. And also! If you feel like your name should have been on the list but wasn’t, let me know and I’ll see to it that I stalk you for a while too.)

Anyway, then I got a positive comment from the famous, funny, awesome and crazy talented Lina Neidestam on the very same entry that had offended the guy mentioned above.

Ups and downs, ey? Win some, lose some! Que sera sera. Life is like a box of…


life is not like a box. Not a box of anything.

Can I go back? Can I change my life and what I’ve done? I do like this road I’m walking, but I think I might be going a wee bit wreckless… I seem to sabotage myself a little by being so boundary challenged… Aaaah. Bah. Screw it. Screw it all! Je ne regrette rien.

I’m out y’all.

//the mentally unstable,

yet confusingly charming

and eternally wise,



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