Dear readers

Tomorrow it’s back to work again. It’ll be good to get back to my pens.

I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of having my mother and two of my sisters here for a visit this weekend.

Mom got to read the story I sketched the other week and she laughed at all the right places, nodding her head, smiling and awww:ing. ^_^

She commented on the fact that people in general wont understand exactly how funny the “what if it’s his teeth”-line is.

That’s true. All of the stories we tell will of course ring differently to the people who were actually there. The people who share our tales.

So, for you guys who weren’t there: Dad had this thing he went on and on about… he allways said that when he died (which he was certain would be soon), me and my sister would inherit his teeth… We were going “yuck!” and “don’t die!” in our heads, but were too afraid of him to say anything.

The teeth… they were the only thing of value he owned. Other than them all he had was a shitload of debts and a bad f-ing temperament.

heh. Naaahhh… I’m not being fair here… He’s got good sides too. He did say that he loved us alot. After the divorce. When he was lonely and longing for the love of a woman. (did that sound bitter?) Anyway, he’s definately an important factor in making me an interesting person, and for that I am gratefull.

Who would I’ve be today if it weren’t for him? Maybe I would’ve been a congresswoman, or a garbage woman, or police officer, or a carpenter a doctor, or a lawyer, or a mother and a… Good God, whatcha done to me?!

Heh, sorry ’bout that… Sometimes lyrics from songs just pop up in my writing like that.

Ahm, I can’t really finish my thoughts right now… songs, lyrics, thoughts… are interfearing. Guess it’s bed time.

Gawd… I need flesh

or maybe just some sleep. yeah… just some sleep. It’ll do me good.

G’night mom. G’night sisters. Everything was so much more fun when you guys were here. We should allways drink wine and eat chocolate and laugh and sing at the tv… alltid! kom snart tillbaka! :’)


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