Hard work and focus.

Screw men. Can’t live with’em, can’t kill’em.

heh. naaah… I love men. 😉

Just made my accreditation-thingie for Angoulême and had a sneak peak at the celeb-guests that will be attending this years festival.

Crumb is gonna be there. He’s cool.

That guy who illustrated The league of extraordinary gentlemen will attend. (he’s apparently quite young. Under thirty if I remember correctly. Impressive. To get to work with Moore at such a young age…)

One of the guys who illustrated Harvey Pekars American Splendor will be there too.

When the film adaptation of American Splendor was coming up at theaters in Stockholm, I went straight to Serieteket (library in Stockholm exclusively for comic books) grabbed one of their copys and read the whole collection in one sitting.

I have this thing about reading the original work before I see an adaptaion.

In this case I actually enjoyed the movie more. It was so interesting to see Harvey and his strange friends in person (doing interviews), as well as being portraid by the actors.

It was simply… brilliantly cut.

If you have’nt seen the film, you really should. Great actors, lovely music and lot’s of nnnierrrds. ^_^

I’ve got my fanzines/mini-comics halfway finished. They’re ready for printing, just gotta figure out what to do with the cover… Glitter? Hand coloring?

I like to do something extra-special-fancy-schmansy by hand on my fanzines. I figure that since I’m printing and assembling them all by myself I might as well give some extra attention to each copy. 

I’m gonna miss this part of comic creating when I get printed on a bigger scale.

But, heeey! I’ll allways be me. I’m still gonna draw and write letters and notes with my crafty knick-knackery and manic expressions of love for people I like. ^_^

And remember my dear friends:

Life is like a box of   



2 thoughts on “Hard work and focus.

    • naaahwww… but manflesh is like fine wine, only gets better with a bit of aging.
      (and just so you know, mr Obvious Fakename, I’m the exception to confirm the rule… I r-e-a-l-l-y do like a besserwisser.)

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