Printed a test version of the translated fanzine in black and white. Something went wrong with the colour-function. Anyhow, It’s readable… some of the letters are a bit squeezed together… doesn’t look awesome

but heeey, at least there’re interesting stories in it!

I named the folder (where I saved the comics) “Qau”. Just for you mah honey…

You know you can stop this, huh? Just tell me to back off and I’ll do it. But you like it, don’t you..? (yes you dooo. Awww, you’re such a good dog. *scratching lovingly behind ears* Are you mamas little doggie? huh? are you? huh? yeees! yes you aaare. You’re so good! yes you are!) :D You know, crazy by all means… but at least I’m not a jealous person. I don’t worry over other women (since I know I’m the best you’ll ever have… he he.) So go on my darling, go ahead n’ flirt, play and indulge yourself. And dooon’t worry about meee. I’ll enjoy life as I allways do until our paths cross again.

Okay, so the janitor just came. I’ve been up all night again. Should get home and shower.

Gotta wait for Gunnar to arrive first, so I can get my attendance.

This is me, waiting:

I really love this drawing. It’s something with the moonlight in her hair and on the window pane.

And those longing eyes… It’s so still in there. Quiet. I can almost smell the floor boards in that room.


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