Don’t miss the link on magic! :D

This is the title page for a comic about an obsession.

In this drawing I wanted her (me) to meet her (my) doom smiling. Yyyyeeeessss, she knew veeery well that there would be pain and suffering up on that cross… but without it, how could she know joy and pleasure? hm? hm? hmmm?

(I also wanted to suggest that I am The Lord, Your Savior. Obviously.)

And then I thought it’d be cool to direct your subcontious mind toward ritualistic magic too. Therefor I chose the five pointed star as her “cross” (and then I stabbed her in the heart with a f-cking knife! Haha!).

I was also thinking about the classic “man”-drawing by Da Vinci . But since there ain’t no man better ‘n me (04.44 in the vid), this is a clear improvement of that motif!


Panel one: I asked for a man who could drive me crazy.

Panel two: I was tired of easy guys. The last one made me sick. He was, you know… mucky.

Panel three: Second “date”. Oh god… Hes crawling before me. Extinguishes himself.

Panel four: Disgusting.

Panel five: Then He Came

Panel six: He just shot a glance. Then he went cold. Cold. Airy. Walks away. Doesn’t chase me.

Panel one: He doesn’t wanna sleep with me. I love it.

Panel two: All of a sudden he smiles at me. He smiles! At me!

Panel three: Ah… Better than sex…

Panel four: Then. He. Shuts. Of. And… I…

Panel five: thirst. Want to have.

Panel six: WaNt. wANt. Want. wAnt. waNt. wAnT.

Panel one: His dissociation is telling me that he wants something more. Stronger. Greater. Like the sun and the mountains.

Panel two: He’d never pretend just to have someone… Would never settle for anything less than the most beautiful.

Panel three: I want to be His! No one elses! Only his!

Panel four: It could be that it’s just me he doesn’t want…

Panel five: But… that would be… weird. I have a hard time accepting that possibility.

Panel six: I mean, I would give him everything  Everything  Everything  Everything

Okay, I’m totally translating in some sort of living dead state right now. I was up all night again working. I think I’ll translate the last page 2-morrow for you guys. 

But the content goes something like “I love the thrills he gives me”.

Je suis très fatigué maintenant… a demain mes amis.


12 thoughts on “Don’t miss the link on magic! :D

    • heh.
      ja, det gör du faktiskt.
      Jag har sagt det förut; du har en mogen och klok blick. Inget blåögt frireligöst där inte.
      Min blick drar väl mer åt det där hysteri-maniska hållet då…

      Snygg kontrast i serieform! 😀

  1. övrig information:

    denna enkla kommentar
    (av andra kanske tolkad som dryg eller dissig, men av MIG tolkad som en b-l-o-m-s-t-r-a-n-d-e kärleksförklaring)från Johan här ovan,
    gav då precis en av dessa kickar som jag så vackert beskrev i serien.

    Iiiinget konstigt med d-e-t! (insert Malmö-dialekt här)

    • Jag börjar alltid gråta på Jesusfilmer.
      Jesus är min vän.

      Men det är JAG som är frälsaren, det syns ju tydligt på titelsidan!

  2. Men åh! “don’t miss the link on magic!” och så klart gjorde jag det när jag läste det här första gången. Nu finns inte det klippet kvar på youtube längre. Hela min internetupplevelse idag känns nu inkomplett. Jag känner mig ledsen och förvirrad. Varför gör du så här mot mig, internet?!? Varför?!?

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