Back to life!

Christmas hollidays are over. It’s going to be an intense spring term with travels, adventures and work work work

I will be the Master of all of the seventh graders in Malmö. They will yield to the flood of my beauty, like puppets they shall dance to my every tune. I shall fill them with hope and love and power and they shall see the light as it shines down upon them! Yes! Yes! For I am the ruler of the wooorld! Moahahahahaaa!!!

Today I will finish one of my comics, print a test version of a new fanzine and make some new business cards.

Maybe I’ll post a comic page or two here later tonight.

In other news, LizzieLeeza gave me the best analysis of me in relation to other people the other day. We were just chillin’ in the living room me ‘n her, watching Entourage on the telly (she hates Entourage… I love it. go figure.) when she leans over ‘n says with a wry smile,

“Have you seen that movie –As good as it gets-?”

I was like,

“yeeeaaah… It’s with Jack Nicholson, right? I think I saw it years ago. Why?”

“Well… You’re like her… She’s all smart and honest. (And he’s all bitter and mean and holding back on the sweet) Like that scene where she stands up in the restaurant, about to leave ’cause he keeps insulting her, and she says – Pay me a compliment Melvin. I need one. Quick. and he reluctantly, after a pause, answers – You make me wanna be a better man.

Hehe, I just saw the film last night on youtube and Nicholson is reeeally lovely in it. Helen Hunt is good too of course, but I’ve allways had somewhat of a thing for Nicholson… ❤ Especially in One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. 


2 thoughts on “Back to life!

  1. lite storhetsvansine på G hehe. O fast hon har rätt. entourage e ju inte de första man väljer.. Fast som vanligt är de du skriver gripande. Välj vänster eller höger? fan glömde svänga..

    • Hej Fredde.
      Du skriver två punkter istället för tre efter dina meningar… Har du tänkt på det?

      Jag gillar att mitt skrivande är gripande! Och storhetsvansinne är mitt andranamn. Men så är jag samtidigt väääldigt ödmjuk. 😉

      Entourage har Ari ❤ och det är allt jag behöver säga om den saken.

      Fattar inte riktigt det här höger vänster-svängandet du svamlar om dock… What's up with that?

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