Wiihooo! My furry ‘zine found a furry friend: click link for pic!

Kenan does have a way with words. ūüėÄ

Check out the original post on his website!

But of course I couldn’t resist copying his funny and quite flattering text and post it here:

before frida and johan left our humble headquarters for greener pastures and softer mattresses, we decided to exchang fanzines***.

ms. ulvegren, however, had drastically underestimated both her work‚Äôs appeal to american audiences and her relentless personal magnetism, selling out of what she called her ‚Äúlittle furry book‚ÄĚ within a few hours at mocca. i wasn‚Äôt sure quite what that meant, but, not wanting to let the language barrier get the upper hand, smiled confidently and assure her it was no problem.

*** european for minicomic **** it should be noted that this story begins in june of 2009, which is to say, frida totally beat dave eggers to this idea.some months later****,

a tattered envelope lacquered with unfamiliar postage arrived, containing the answer to this perplexing riddle. ‚Äúlittle furry book,‚ÄĚ it turned out, was frida‚Äôs idiosyncratically swedish way of describing a book that was small and covered in fur.

inside this fluffcover is the winningly watercolored story hunger, concerning two breadwinners whose attempts to feed their respective families bring them into conflict with one another. the textless tale boasts frida’s trademark juxtaposition of sweetness and unsettling honesty, and even proves to be furry for a reason.


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