Slow progress

I’m drawing at my kitchen table instead of going to the studio. It’s so frikkin cold at school these days… Siberian winter fer chrissake…

I woke up at 17.15 today. Had my breakfast coffee at 17.30.

Interestingly enough this late start of the day doesn’t bother me too much. I know I can turn it back again. Nothing really get’s me down it seems… interesting. It’s like there’s a distance between me and the life I live. 

At new years eve I held a ceremony where I burned a note with all the things I wished to leave behind me for the coming year. On that note was (among other things) anxiety and stress. So nowadays I just go through life with no worries at all.

What ever will be will be, you know? There’s no point what so ever to worry ’bout anything, ’cause it allways works out fine anyway.

… and even if it doesn’t, there’s no use in greiving over the bad stuff before they happen.

I’ve set my alarm at 11 o’clock tomorrow. I plan to invest in a new pair of shoes. Sneakers I guess. Something danceable… ’cause come Friday night I will be the belle of the ball at Babel! ^_^

I’m at page 2 of 6 of the comic I’m working on. Some days I get really intense and just work hour after hour without even a snack break.

This is not one of those days.

Today (correction: it’s actually night now, not day) it’s the other way around. I take work breaks from my snack time… hehe. But that’s aaaight.

Peace out mah honeys, and don’t forget,

oser aimer. It’ll make everything worth it.


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