Just stuff I draw in my sketchbook

I can draw horsies too! …’n it’s lookin’ pretty good if I might say so. ^_^

At the bottom of this post you can see my first attempt at drawing a horse. never finished it. This one’s better.

But what I love best with this drawing isn’t the horse, it’s the orange sky. It looks so warm…


Ahh… To take a break. I imagine that she has just passed some little cottage right out there in the desert and the old lady who resides there, in that cottage, has arranged for a hot bath out in the sand for this young cowgirl, while her horse is being fed and watered… ahh… I’m so there in my mind right now… (Godmadderfrikkinfrikk! illusion shattered! it’s frrrrrreeeeezzzing in my studio.)

It’s important to slow down at times in your life and simply enjoy a nice sunset and your own sweet company.

Below is the second of two illustrations (yeah, tha one above is the first of ’em) for a text about taking a break at the side of the long road of your life… I like the one with the bath better though. It’s more me.

Heh, I saved this drawing in really low resolution… Sorry, but I just want to get back to the drawing table now, so it’ll have to suffice. Anywayzz, this is mr hot stuff. If I was a man I’d be exactly like this cowboy. And while we’re on the subject of my self admiration, d’you guys remember the animated tv-series Aeon Flux? There’s this one episode where she meets a clone of herself  ‘n her reaction to this is sooo on point.  

I mean what would you do if you met a clone of yourself?

Make out with it of course! 

Oh… Aeon Flux, the make-out-scenes in that series are so… how to describe them..? disgusting? yucky? sexy? creepy? beautiful… *sigh* it must have screwed with my mind to some extent watching that series as a seven year old. I’m sure it made me better and more interesting though. 🙂

These are two unfinished drawings. The one at the top is my first attempt at drawing a horse. I’m not satisfied with it, so I just left it sketched like that… We’ll see if I go back to it and finish it, right now I don’t feel like it.

The one beneath lost some of the nuance in the colour (my bag is more red in the actual drawing). It’s me at a coffee place on Folkungagatan in Stockholm and at the table next to mine (where my eyes are directed…) a really attractive man was sitting. Eye candy allways get’s me in a good mood!


4 thoughts on “Just stuff I draw in my sketchbook

  1. Frida frida du har lyckat spegla västern biten perfekt.
    Från att en riktig cowboy i detta fallet Cowgirl, goare ord faktiskt, Har en cigg i hand på minst hälften av senerna. Riktigt snygg häst du fick till me.

    • tackar man tackar Fredde! En riktig cowgirl rullar sina cigg själv, med Elvirapapper och Drum-tobak. mmm, som känslan av att röka en fåtölj eller en soffa, leeeent och mjukt…

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