Joy, love, sex, adventure, travels, comic creating, success, Ulrika

Whenever I pass a window or a mirror nowadays I  can’t help but to stop and stare at my reflection. My hair is just sooo perfect.

New years eve for me, was ‘Moa and Carros eve’. From this day forth I will count the two of them as members of my extended family. Love I wish upon thee and the thine, unto you all my dearest comrades a joyuos life! (eh… awkward sentence… guess ahm still a li’l drnk from the chmpayin…)

Also noteable: this dress, which I bought for tonight, was n-o-t made for dancing (yes. I danced in it anyway. and yes. there were parts showing that was n-o-t suposed to show), so I’m glad I stayed in with my extended family all night instead of roaming the streets of this godforsaken town (ahm, I don’t consider this town to be godforsaken… I wrote that ’cause it sounded good… I actually really like Malmö, I think I might even be… in love with Malmö).

There were only two exceptions to my stay-in-night.

At a quarter to twelve we went up on the roof to see the fireworks and also, before that, we went down to the canal to burn our magic notes spread the ashes over the water and plant seeds for the coming year.

We all spat on the planted seeds, which is called giving an organic gift, (a sort of sacrifice) to the holy mother earth. The spitting-part was instigated by Leez who represented the element of fire in our circle.

Fire is energy directed, leadership, the ability to start and keep things burning with energy. This is the element I was born in, but not the element I represented last night.

Anyhow, I’d told Lizzie about the organic gift-part and she really seemed to enjoy the idea of it so when we stood in our magical circle outside under the full moon by the canal she came up with the idea to water our planted seeds with an organic gift of saliva. Haha, it was so perfect! We’re the best group ever! (I know exactly who’s who of us in the Adams family…)

Then we sang the song “Hela familjen går ut med geten”, a song chosen by M and J who represented the water element with T. Water is related with playfulness, the inner child, spontaneity and emotions, so their choice of song was not the least bit surprising. ^_^

The air element in our circle was held by C. Air is related with the mind, planning, logical thinking and adulthood. It was interesting that C had the voice of reason through out the whole ceremony, she truly was her element.

As master of the ceremony I took place in the earth element where I symbolised the mother, the caretaker, the solid ground that holds everything together.

A role that suits me well in these sort of gatherings.

Then I had prepared a treasure hunt for Moa (it was her birthday) with clues leading to new clues leading to her birthday gifts!

We played the”If you were”-game and hide-and-seek and when serving the desert I lit some sort of cake fireworks to put in it which of course set off our firealarm… T saved the day by fanning away the smoke with some old t-shirt or something. Later on when Thorb had gone on to another party, we sat in a circle again and held a thanksgiving for the year that has passed. I thanked for having found friends like L and J, how they feel more like siblings than friends.

All in all it was one of the best (if not THE best) New years eve’s I’ve had.

Above in the title I wrote the seeds which I chose to plant for this coming year. The travels will begin with a trip to Angouleme and Paris for a comics festival late in january and then me and my sister will be saving up some dough to go to New Orleans next fall. NJUÅÅÅRLINS!!!


5 thoughts on “Joy, love, sex, adventure, travels, comic creating, success, Ulrika

    • Det bästa var att alla släppte fram sin inre knäppis. Helt sjukt bra gäng! We are fääämily! I got all my sistahs with me, yeah yeah yeah…

      //Gomez, med en ros i munnen och vild förförisk blick

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