ny helgdag! Hurra!

Today is noncreation-day! the day when we stare blankly into nothingness. Enjoy! ūüėÄ

I celebrated by going to the movies with my two bestest boyfriends Johan and Thobie. They’re friends who happen to be boys is all, nothing fishy going on there I can assure you. Lisa stayed home and I missed her like crazy.

We saw Metropia.

I especially liked the line “Ah, mister Bahn, are we waiting now for… masturbation?”.

And also “And… will there be nudity?”

“Yes sir, there will be nudity.”

In conclusion the music was wonderfull and I can definately recommend it. If you are choosing between Night at the museum 3 or Metropia, don’t hesitate to go with the latter. I believe tomorrow might be a day for working again, draw draw draw as Julie would have said.


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