And so the story unfolds again.

Another rewrite! Had a meeting with Stina today and had her read the new ending for the book.

She was not impressed. She was still wondering what the book was about. I sat down in my studio with a somewhat hollow and uncertain feeling in my cheast.

Stina came after me, said that she felt uncertain about how to advice me. I understand her. We needed to bring in a third party into our relationship. (I’m the guy at the left…)

So come Thursday I shall have Josefine Svenske read it when she’s here at Comic art school (as a substitute teacher for Gunnar Krantz, who is currently bone broken and lying at home watching bad films and eating heaps of  licorice (I do not know this for a fact, it is only a suspicion of mine)).

Anyway the meeting with Stina did inspire me to rewrite it agian, so now it’s a story about running away from your problems. It was about that before too, but now it’s more of a clear theme in the book.

This will be a magnificent masterwork! The first of many!

And you will love it.

 As do I.


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