The beginning of the end

Now I have an ending for my book. 

Three pages from Bokmässan i Göteborg and an epilogue of two pages following that.

Below you can see the first page of the end. It isn’t fully inked yet (as you can see?), so what you’re getting is a bit of work in progress here… I think I need to get some sleep now. It’s late and I’m feelin so tired. having trouble sleeping.

( my personal favorite on this page is Ninas (my) puffy face in the second panel, the cheeks mooshed against the knees like that, pouting her lips a bit… cute! ^_^ )

Oh yeah, translation of the barely readable text:

Göteborg Book fair 2008

I’m hiding

… ha ha ha…

Karin and Käbi…

They’re talking and laughing.

It’s nice to hear them. In this context I’m not small and weak anymore.

Why haven’t I wanted to talk to anyone about my modeling days for all these years?

Andreas and Irma… How can they make me so scared?

Why do I feel shame and failure when I see them?

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