I googled my name (yes, I am very self centered)

This was one of the stranger sites… I have no idea what it says, but they clearly put my name on their site… If anyone out there speaks… russian? polish? what ever it is… you’re more than welcome to send me a translation. ūüôā

And also I have had some friends ask me about the pathetic and extremely sucky film I had a role in when I was 15 years old, well, this site has a trailer for it. As you can see from the trailer, it’s a halfass atempt at a thriller.

My contribution to this production was horrible. I’m actually fake-crying! GAH! Horrible!

Just so you know, if you ever see it, I am sooo much better now! This was b-e-f-o-r-e I went to drama school.

Anyway, I like the mix of actress/ comic artist/ manic psycho fan girl -hits.

I’ve never wanted to label myself as one thing only. That’s probably got to do as much with self preservation as it has with that noble sense of freedom I wish to radiate. If I don’t title myself as anything I can’t fail at becoming it. BUT! Failure isn’t failure until you accept it as such! And I shall keep striving until my goals are achieved.

I shall let go of fears and self preservation!

I shall let my self go,

just throw myself off of the cliffs

and down into the darkness of uncertainty,

for with bravery and strenght

a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g can be obtained.


4 thoughts on “I googled my name (yes, I am very self centered)

  1. Enligt Google Translate betyder det:

    “Frida Ulvegren
    Resultat f√∂r “Frida Ulvegren” i den aktuella TV-program:
    Not found … “

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