I’m reading a newfound friends blog.

I’ve begun backtracking it in some semi-random order, listening to the music he’s posted there, enjoying his likes and dislikes

and I just came across a post I thought I’d share with you guys:

(translation in pink below)

Det här är väl ändå bara för romantiskt:
Titta bara:
Sonny Graham fick ett nytt hjärta av en man som tagit sitt liv.
När han sedan träffade donatorns änka uppstod kärlek – och de gifte sig.
Nu har även Sonny Graham begått självmord.

(från aftonbladet.se)

Isn’t this just too romantic:

Sonny Graham received a new heart from a man who killed himself.

When he later on met the donors widow they fell in love – and got married.

Now Sonny Graham has killed himself too.

(from aftonbladet.se)

It made me laugh out loud! Yeah yeah, that could be considered offensive or whatever, but it’s just such an absuuurd story!


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