Frida the fan-girl

I am working from home today (read: slept till 15.00 in the afternoon, went out for an hour to see Liv Strömquist at Amalthea bokcafé, came home, ate soup, watched the amazing race… and now putting curlers in my hair! This is so much fun! Haven’t done something like this since I was like… in middle school or something!)

I’ve also come to turns with the fact that I will allways and for ever be in love with Lina Neidestam.

Yes yes, I know, we both are man-loving heteros, but still… she does make my heart jump sometimes…with her funny and beautiful artwork and her warm, charming personality and that cute as a button yet serious and determined face…

Lina, if I ever make a successful sex-change-operation, or if my mind enters the body of a steaming hot man, will you then be my wife?

I’ll cook for you! Read you bedtime-stories! Make you laugh at least once a day!  I’ll be your biggest fan (allready am) and your slave and business manager, and  make you world-famous and hey! why not go for conqueror of the universe while we’re at it?! You and me, Lina! You and me, to the stars!

Okay, we’ll see if she goes for it.

Otherwise I still have this blog to live for, right? 😉


Yeah, so the book then! How’s that going? Well, it’s coming along fine.

I am re-reading the ending, changing it, reading it again, changing it. Writing an epilogue. Trying to explain why I don’t explain everything. Why I leave some threads open, unconcluded. Like my parents divorce, I never really pick up that storyline again.

But I had to limit myself somewhere… I am up at 120 pages now, and haven’t even told half of my story yet.

I chose to end it at the finally of Model search. Because that’s the end of something at least.

But there just has to be a second book. There are simply too many good stories from that time of my life that have gone untold.

Like when I was in Athens and thought I was gonna die… haha, that’s a good one. 🙂

And yes! Ah! That hotel/hostel I was living in with all the other models! I have to tell you ’bout that!

Maybe you’ve seen on that tv-show Top Model how they live in a nice apartment with beautifully coloured furniture and luxurious bathrooms..? Well, on our model-hotel in Athens the standard was a bit lower than that…

Example: the shower was just a hose. Like a garden-hose, you know?!

Haha, I really hated it,

the floor in there was all gravelly too! And we had to be clean-shaved everyday so there was no getting around using it either.

All that damned shaving. Jesus, it annoyed me so.

It has now been like 6 years since I last shaved my legs. Some kind of protest… Or maybe just plain lazyness. I don’t know anymore.

I’m actually even considering shaving them now. I imagine it would be an interesting experience. Maybe I’d be thrown back in time by the smooth sensation of hairless legs and come to re-live those younger years of  being Frida.

hm. yeah. could be interesting.

I’m listening to Immortal Technique again. The song I linked you to there is a beautiful story of love lost.

Last night I had a Peter Lemarc-marathon. His lyrics are often true and honest.

Lyrics. I think that’s the common denominator of the music I fall in love with.

Exception being the classical music I adore of course. But that’s like a totaly different category. A language of it’s own. It sounds more like painted art than it does other music genres.

My darlings, I’ve found that there is in this life beauty to be found in so many things.

Ahhh, yes, this life…

Ya just gotta love it,

ya know?


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