Arbeit Macht Frei(da)

It is night. I am at Comic Art School all alone and actually getting things done.

Just had a terrible candy-craving and searched the entire school for any sort of goodies…

All I found were apples. Two green apples on one desk and two red on another one.

Kids are way too healthy nowadays.

Made myself a cup of tea and ate some of my own peanuts instead. Oh well… I’ll buy some cookies ‘n stuff tomorrow, just incase this kind of emergency ever strikes again.

Right now I’m writing the part of my story where I get to go on Guido Dolces boat, and then go scuba diving. There were many experiences from my modeling days that I’m endlessly gratefull for. The scuba diving is probably the most wonderfull memory I have of that time. Maybe of my entire life, come to think of it…  It was just sooo magical.

Under the surface everything was beautiful, I could see it all so clearly and with new eyes somehow.

I never wanted to resurface again. I wanted to stay down there for ever and ever and ever.

But all things come to an end and even though I signalled the diving instructor to take me further down, deeper into the deep, he decidedly took me right back up to the boat again after only like 10 (?) minutes below.


Anyway, it feels good to be at it with the book again. Sketching and writing, page after page… There are so many pages now! will I reach the end of it all soon? Can I even make an ending for it? Or will it just keep on keeping on until the end of all time?

 Je sais pas. I can see myself with the finished book in my hand at least. And that’s a good thing. If you ask Napoleon Hill, he’d say it’s even essential for the reaching of any goal in life.

I should get on home now. Get some shut-eye. But I’m not really tired yet. It’s only the last scraps of sanity telling me that when it’s 04.23 it’s way past my bedtime.

Yeah yeah… I’ll git goin…

G’night mes amis. Here’s a nice country song to rock you gently to sleep tonight. Don’t thank me for it, thank Johan K. If it hadn’t’ve been for him I wouldn’t’ve heard it.


7 thoughts on “Arbeit Macht Frei(da)

  1. Nej Johan, det är en av de mest tragiska sakerna med mitt liv… att det gått 10 år (TIO?!) sedan jag dykte e-n e-n-d-a j-ä-t-t-e-kort gång,
    och sedan dess har jag bara velat ner igen. o0

    Men än så länge slår hjärtat i kroppen på mig, så jag vet att det inte är för sent.

    Vill Du ta med mig på djupa vatten kanske? mmrrraoww… hähähä

  2. Bara om det är i ett varmt land med roliga färger och god sikt under vattnet.
    Jag vägrar dyka i klagshamn, liksom…
    (säger jag fast jag aldrig ha gjort det – men det verkar inte så kul)

    • Håller fullkomligt med! Det är väl därför jag inte gjort om det sedan den gången… hm. Men så trevligt då don Juan, att vi ska dyka i det blå tillsammans! 😀

  3. Ah, spanska, lenguaje del corazón!
    vi lär oss tillsammans min kära, så kan vi role-playa Frida y Diego sen.

    Pax vara Diego! Åååh vad jag ska gotta mig med min stora mage och alla nakna damer jag får måla av… kurrr!

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