Love me or leave me

I woke up at 15.00 today. And why? Cause I stayed up ’til like 5 in the morning reading Mikael Sols blog. Je suis un peut patetique. (was that pretend-french or was it correct? Je ne sais pas…).

Fabian is a great mentor. I think of him sometimes. His proffessionalism and warmth. Very easy to listen to.  And easy to talk to. A perfect mentor.

The whole idea behind the mentor-system at Comic Art School is like a child of the mastermind-principle… Oh! Mastermind-principle, that sounds interesting! So, what is it all about, you might ask yourself! (this is the part when I become a crazy secterian preacher) Well, let me illuminate you my dear child! 

So, there is something called the mastermind-principle explained here by mr Napoleon Hill. I’ve been listening to him the last couple of months and he has made me aware of so many things that I was allready doing to make myself better. But now I do them contiously and with a purpose!

He has many very good things to say about creating success and happiness in your life. With the most important part of the principle being to keep a positive mental attitude towards all subjects and persons with whom you interact.

You need positivity like you need respect in jail, cause without it you’ll be making negative record sales” to quote Immortal Technique (he is the Thruth, brought to you in the form of hip-hop). ^_^

That’s enough for today. I’ll preach more another day.

Just know that if you wish for success, Napoleon Hill has many helpfull hints on how to reach your goals. And also on how to live a more harmonious life. BUT you need to have a somewhat open mind to make use of his teachings. For he speaks of faith… and I know there are people out there who are uncomfortable with the whole faith-concept… so, I guess Im saying that everything is not for everybody.

Peace be with you my friends

I wish success harmony and love on all of you!

Let us reach the highest mountain together,

 In šaʾ Allāh 

…and when you get hit in the face with sudden failure (it can happen to the best of us), remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways… and it’s not failure until you accept it as failure. Winners never quit!

Allting har en mening,

men korven den har två.

Pannkakan har ingen,

men den är god ändå!


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