A good day

I wish everyday could be like this… Today felt a little bit like christmas. (did you notice how his hair in that video was a  s-t-r-o-k-e  o-f  g-e-n-i-o-u-s?!)

First I had a good and quite productive morning at CAS.

I was on time AND had showered before leaving for school!

I made a copy of my zine for Niklas, one of my mentors, while watching a youtube-clip of google-wave. (I want google-wave… it’s like msn and facebook, only better! g-g-goooogle!!! I love them!!! GogoGOGOGogoogoOGOOogoGOOoGLe!!!)

Then I took a loooong walk (ok, I admit… it was only like 45 minutes of walking, but still! It’s a lot for me!) to Tekniska museet where I met up with Mia to talk about my new job (fröken Frida! I’m o be a teacha! Yay!!!)  which I will be kicking off on wednesday the week after this. For reals! They’re mine now! My children! 😀 I’m like Jesus: just let the children come to me! 😀 LET THEM COME!

I then took a nice stroll down to the comic book store at Lilla Torg. They still didn’t have Julie Doucet’s  My new york diary… what’s up with that?! A comic book store that doesn’t have Julie?! WHAT?!

Then I went to Science fiction-bokhandeln, and almost had a nervous breakdown (not true, I was calm as a bucket of sour milk, but for the sake of the story I chose to exaggerate my reaction here) because of that lousy excuse for a comic book shelf they have.

In some respects Stockholm definitely still has the upper hand on Mmö… I mean; Alvglans, Comics heaven, Staffar, SoFo comics, Science fiction-bokhandeln in Old Town… and there are even a few more that I can’t remember the names of right now.

Yeah yeah, ‘nough o’ this jibberjabber! On to the good parts! Yes. So, I had lunch at Govindas, bestest lunch ever! I read Lokas Till mina vänner och ovänner as I ate. (Fascinating and funny, she is! The one where she’s afraid to use the phone, haha, beautifully humourous!).

Then back to school where I sketched 6 pages (Hurra!)  for the book.

At 6 o’clock Lisa, me and Loulou went to Niklas art exhibit. He is so frikkin’ talented! He is pure inspiration to me!

I drooled over his paintings for a while, gave him my zine, said hello to Knut, that elegant man, and then headed off to the next event of the evening…

Which was the lovely Loka Kanarp! She spoke about her book Pärlor och Patroner at Amalthea bokcafé.

I so enjoyed listening to her! Liv Strömquist acted as interviewer for the talk, and she’s awesome to listen to too! ^_^ Ah!

Such a great day!

Had a late dinner with Loulou, Johan, Lisa and Tomas.

I especially enjoyed the company of Loulita today. She is clever and sweet and funny. Lots of love 2 you LouLou!

Oh goddesses and gods, the allmighty spirits of forsight and love, I give thanks for this wonderful day.

Filled with so many blessings. 

Mash’allah! Allah akhbar!

It feels just like christmas in my heart today!

I even spoke to Ullis on the phone. This day was indeed perfect! ❤


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